River Island, Because Tribal Prints Is What It Takes

Without a doubt, one of the trends of this season are tribal prints. A few days ago we mentioned as several were firms, Low and not Low cost, who had opted for African prints and tribal motives to decorate their clothes, attached to chromatic injections based on earthy, gold, silver and such exotic colors such as the emerald green, the red brick and blue turquoise.

Well, River Island has dedicated almost his entire collection to them, with different prints that rather than Africans are reminiscent of the Aztecs or Mayans, with geometric motifs that repeat patterns lengthwise and very spring colors.

From their shirt in bright colours, which we can find with sleeves, sleeveless, armhole, neck boat or fantasy with Aztec prints…

… up the pants, which include the friezes on the waist as a belt earthy colors and camels.

Of course, add-ins are the most favored in this trends, found backpacks working pattern at the same time that the leather…

… as well as sunglasses, including this trend in the PIN and mount.