Rocky Shore Fishing: The Pros and Cons

For me in particular, rocky bottoms in fisheries are very fruitful in terms of chopped refers. Obviously, using the method of bottom with dead bait fishing either squid or Octopus brings good snacks in these areas. But the reality is one, as very well pica, brings a little uncomfortable consequences that want them are shared through the article according to my experience in this type of fishing. It is producer or not fishing in rocky bottoms?

One of the main advantages which brings the Rocky bottom fishing is the number of bites that you can obtain in the hours from 6 pm onwards. In the rocks and reefs that are close to the shores of beaches is home to a large cluster of species such as grunts, Saona, parguitos, arrayados, caballerotes, fish, parrots, among many others. These species sting with more frequency in the evenings and it is precisely those rocky bottoms.

Now well, as same I say the good.., also want to mention you cons of this type of funds…, and it is precisely the rocks which prevents that the greatest amount of snacks you receive be removed. Pull the bait in these funds, it binds almost in every shot you make, and even when you manage to puncture the fish, this enlaja rocks and becomes complicated to be able to take out it to the surface.

I therefore want to put into practice these 3 tips on rocky bottoms that will give you then

1 used separate hook lead, i.e. at the end of the thread you put lead and a little above in a wave apart hook. In this way you avoid often lose the 2 things, because almost always locks one of the 2 or lead, or hook, and a high percent manage to recover some of them.

2 test using fishing with Cork in this area if it is not much Eddy u waves, so you can avoid get the bait to the bottom and thus avoid binding it. Obviously in this type of fishing you must remove the lead so that the buoy or Cork does not sink.

3 patience in bites, if Spears thoroughly in this type of ecosystem is use the technique to leave fishing alone in a tube Rod if move the bait in waiting for the bite. This will help you to binding much less bait.

Regarding the use of live bait in these funds, also becomes complicated, since live cichlid or sardine refuge between rocks and can not meet your goal of capture.

In summary

Rocky fishing attracts many bites, but it is very complicated to remove some particularly good size fish since they have much shelters where evade the water outlet. Personally, I prefer another type of fishing and other funds for the activity. The Rocky bottom fishing is definitely a challenge for any fisherman from shore.

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