Romantic Wedding/Vintage-Daniele & Vinicius

One more week starting with a lot of love around here to inspire you. Today we are sharing with you the day of Daniele and Vinícius.

Since they started the preparations, Daniele sought a typical American party, with line of lamps, outdoor ceremony under the tree and a beautiful portal. Lacked only find the location of the dreams, but before they found this site decided to go in search of photographers to immortalize this special day.

‘ We love photography, and we didn’t want just any photographer. I had in mind a style of photography that you don’t see much in Brazil. Until I found the beautiful and charming Carolina Azevedo, with your unique way of photographing. She was indispensable in our life at that time, helped us in the choice of place, buffet … and so many other tips and information! Until I found you the Bride pencil! You guys have no idea how to help me. Thank you! “

Photographer chosen, it was time to find a place that would make the heart beat faster. The first place I visited was the Village Space and it was love at first sight “when entering that place I said – is that, this is the place I want to get married. He was everything I ever dreamed of. “

And so plunged headlong in the preparations. The bride and groom wanted something simple, gentle, romantic and vintage, and put his hand in the cookie jar so that everything’s working just the way you’ve always dreamed of.

The whole family was involved in little DIY, which were not few (rs). Together they made all the banks, love light, slate boards, foot sewing machine, souvenirs, impressions of the bridesmaids, visual identity, invitations, tears of joy, bags of rice and clothes line of lamps. Sooo details!

Until the wedding dress was made by the bride with the help of your mother. What a privilege!

Love Story

“Debbie and I met at Church, sort of by accident through a Group of friends in common. I confess that I fell in love first, but don’t want to take any initiative. So I decided to pray and know what the will of God for me. I prayed for two months, until he began to see me with other eyes.

Since we don’t we tell us, was so much in common, thoughts, opinions, tastes, date of birth. And before we could realize we were dating. It was so beautiful I remember perfectly until today.

And within a year we got engaged. He did a lovely surprise for me was the day of our anniversary. I wanted to have a party to celebrate that magical year that we are living. And it really was very magical, he had set up everything with my parents, brothers and friends–our engagement. Yes, that’s right, heproposed to me on time for congratulations! A beautiful and unforgettable moment. “