Rules of Style: How to Get Dress to Graduation?

The month of may comes complete as every year. We must not forget that we started with that operation change of wardrobe in a stricter sense and within all these changes we get those events that require that we give a good image with our Special outfits.

You were already advancing proposals on how to dress for a BBC (weddings, baptisms and communions) but left us another fundamental that features this month, dinners and acts of graduations It held every year in different universities and study centers.

How to succeed in an event like this? What you must keep in mind to not clash? Today here we inform you of all these details so that you can become the best dress of the night and your classmates and teachers to envy a styling like yours.

The dresscode is important

We have to be clear, as we always say, the dresscode General a graduation or after dinner. If the Organization this is not clear it is a big problem and you should fix it between the people who are going to go. Nothing remains that while some opt for the costume, others occur in polo and basic Chinese. Once determined the formality (or not) of this, we call in groups.

More informal settings

When you set a graduation In the morning and after it settles down a meal, we must, then, bet on colours where casual inspiration should be the real protagonist. Basic pants in shades of beige or blue shirts plain or with a printed very small vichy or more informal and colorful blazers can be our choice. These three different looks you can find it at Zara.

Afternoon or evening settings

When is bet by the media label We have to be very clear is that the ceremony and dinner requires it and as such, we should support our styling in a necessary formality in colors. For costumes, very successful are the blue tones, the more muted grey or black colors, always playing with the shirt and accessories in soft colors.

Massimo Dutti It can be a very good mark because we will find perfect classical lines for the seriousness of a graduation but with forms and pretty juvenile courts.

Another example of brand that we can go to choose our look is candy. From here to rescue the more sober and classic options in darker tones. Dare with a three piece for a graduation? And for the tuxedo with bow-tie version?


As I’ve said before, I think that we should play with the colors in the Add-ins and risk with them. If your choice is the bow tie, bets on the most striking tones, it will give you a touch of originality. If you prefer the tie, looks for a pattern that is suitable within the must of the season: the paisley, flowers, or the dots may be good choice. They can find it in Soloio.