Safety In The Home

Unfortunately, currently there is a high risk of becoming a victim of theft in your own home. All can happen to us. However, there are measures that can be taken to prevent these events. Then the measures of protection of the home.

  • Protect the gates of his house so that they can easily skip or punched him. If possible, use out barbed wire. If there is an empty land next to your House, make sure trimming for more visibility.
  • Protect doors and windows, especially those of the first floor. Make sure that you are resistant materials.
  • Cut or prune trees that can be used to climb up to his house or to hide.
  • Avoid that inside your House looks from the street.
  • Install an alarm or security camera. This will help you more easily request support in the event of an intruder. Moreover, a camera could help identify the intruder.
  • Protect your personal information. Shred documents before throwing away them in the garbage.
  • Not of information about you to strangers. Polls often are a fake. Threats occur commonly by information that you gave. In addition, ask for their statements and other documents to reach you by e-mail, not by traditional mail.
  • Lights around the House at night.
  • Install a peephole in your door to see who plays and avoid opening it to strangers.
  • Meet your neighbors and make a safety plan with them.
  • Avoid your children to answer the phone or open the door.
  • Before sleeping, make sure your windows and doors are closed under lock and key.

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