Samsung Already Stop Glimpse of Your ‘Roadmap’: Galaxy Note 5, Project Zen and Samsung Gear a for La Feria IFA

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge already on the market and under the magnifying glass of the mainstream media, the truth is that the Korean giant had calmed enough to make room for your new logo, a terminal that – ignoring on the market–at Samsung can add to his list of successes.

However, the mobile moves too fast to be carried away by the euphoria, so Samsung has already begun to prepare seriously the rest of the year, revealing some of the secrets of its roadmap for the remainder of this 2015.

As usual, the event that focus the attention will be the IFA fair which is held in Berlin during the month of September, and who will live the premiere of the fifth generation of the Galaxy Note, the phablet par excellence of a market that never stops growing.

Although really is a major release, Samsung will not leave all bulbs for the Note 5, accompanying his presentation of another phablet known internally as ‘Zen Project’, as well as delayed Samsung Gear A circular clock scheduled for this first semester.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Note

Leaks, are not there because there have been more details which we will have to take us as mere rumors, though well it comes to comment on them. To begin with, and although the Galaxy Note 5 It will surely mount a panel with resolution QHD 1. 440p, stresses that Samsung has already tested screens with 4 K resolution that must wait a little longer to make the leap to the market.

It is also said that although Koreans are already working with the Exynos 7430, this new chipset will not arrive on time leaving to Note 5 the Premiere of the Samsung Exynos 7422 8-core processor with 64-bit architecture. A Soc that will also be the first EPOP (all-in-one) from Samsung, incorporating in a single chip CPU, GPU, RAM memory, internal memory and the modem.

Zen project

Note 5-Galaxy could be taken up as a classic version, while we also hope a replacement of Galaxy Note Edge, keeping the strategy of the last two top of the Korean giant.

However, this device would not be an Edge version as that they have seen, but rather a redesign economic Note 5 with a slightly different hardware, as rumored that it could mount a Snapdragon 808 and lowering your screen up to the 5.5 inch, with 16 GB of internal storage.

It is likely that there are three devices – Samsung Galaxy 5 Note, Edge version, and an Edition called “mini”-, but we have no additional information that we have given them.

Samsung Gear A

Finally we have to speak of a Samsung Gear that should already be in the market competing with circular watches, but that Samsung has been obliged to delayed until the second half of the year.

With that in mind, it is clear that there will be a better than the IFA 2015 time to present it, so it is very credible that the new smart watch with circular screen of Samsung accompanying a Galaxy Note 5 or a little earlier.

There are no changes with respect to the known information, with a rotating bezel that will help in controlling the clock and an SDK that encourage developers to launch applications designed specifically for the clock and new capabilities of interactivity.

Obviously they are just rumors, but we fear that it will well aimed in lathe Galaxy Note 5, its possible versions and a circular clock that we have no doubt that it is in the oven for months. And you, do you think this roadmap from Samsung?