Samsung Ativ Q in the First Test

Samsung Q both Windows and Android missed the convertible tablet Ativ. In the test I like instant switching between the two operating systems.

Windows tablets to not get rid of its serious image. Exciting apps: nil. For Android in terms of document processing does not come out from the Clark. Samsung brings both summarily under a hat, or better said: the Convertible Tablet Ativ Q.

Samsung Ativ Q: of first impression

It does not need a Boot Manager to change between Windows 8 and Android. Windows 8 is set as the boot operating system. A click on the button in the Windows 8 status or the Android navigation bar, it withdraws the Windows desktop and the Android homescreen comes forward – or vice versa. For the animated switch the Ativ Q Barely a second, treat yourself.

And there are crazier: who wants to start his favorite Android app directly from the Windows start screen out, pulls the shortcut of Android via a link on the Windows screen. Is as easy as it sounds. A click on it, and the screen switches. Lovers of the Samsung Android’s interface with the Ativ Q be deprived only TouchWiz.

Windows hardware including keyboard

Intel Haswell Chip with one provides unmitigated fun playing HD graphics 4400 and Samsung’s new qHD + Display with a resolution of fabulous 3200 x 1800 pixels.

The practice will need to show whether all Android apps with the Windows hardware cope. For motion-intensive games like asphalt heat or round Temple are just under 1300 grams however a high number.

For other apps, and especially to write and work, a keyboard with TrackPoint sits below the display. A sheet metal supports the high solid display. It flips it over backwards, you can present the contents of the screen a small audience.

In between, there is obviously also a plane position, which is suitable for reading, but is not stable enough to write with the supplied S-Pen carelessly away. Here the normal tablet mode is then in turn better.

Between worlds: The files

According to Samsung, can be accessed by both operating systems on music, images, videos and text files . Small sample: A recording with the Windows webcam Android in the Gallery turns up.

A practical benefit would be for example in the tagging of music and videos under Windows and watch or listen to the pieces with the favorite player on Android.

Prerequisite for sharing is set up based on a Shared Folders for music, videos, pictures and texts of Android. This of course restricts the sharing, has but works fine in the test with a text file: creating and editing under Windows and Android, back and copy is therefore superfluous.

Samsung Ativ Q: is it worth the wait?

There’s potential there. We are looking forward to the price of the convertible with the dual OS, the launch is planned for the third quarter.