Samsung ATIV Q: the Android 4.1-Windows 8-QHD +-Tablet

The ATIV Q not only has two operating systems in one, but also an ultra-high resolution screen. The device however has dropped in a characteristic.

If there would be a title for the “best device for the indecisive”, the would be Samsung ATIV Q would have great chances. Because it runs not only with Windows 8 as well as with Android 4.1, but serves also as a Tablet and Ultrabook at the same time. The display can be either set up or fold thanks to a special mechanism on the keyboard so that it comes in a flat state. Self behind the screen for presentations can be fold. Instead of a touchpad to control the mouse pointer in the keyboard mode the device much as at Lenovo (formerly IBM -) notebooks a trackball. The display itself is a touch screen that can be operated with a supplied S-pen stylus.

Giant hard drive, high-quality case

The ATIV powered clocking per core Q of an Intel Core i5 processor of the latest generation Intel Hasswell 1.6 GHz, supported by a large memory 4 GB. A good user experience is thus ensured. The hard drive is GB SSD-ROM to 256 – hardly a different hybrid Tablet offers so much space. The display with 13.3 “-Diagonale solves no less than 3200 x 1800 pixels (“QHD +”). 5.7 million pixels, 1.7 million more than the high resolution are Samsung Google nexus 10 with 2560 x 1600 pixels has to offer. The pixel density of 275 ppi is remarkable for a convertible of this size anyway.

The impressive Q ATIV is also externally. The aluminium housing ensures a high-quality impression and a relatively light weight of 1.3 kilograms. The depth of 14 mm when folded is how do I find well fully in order.

No mobile phone

As far as the operating system, so you have as mentioned at the beginning the election. A uneingeschärnkte Windows 8-full version (so not RT) is 4.1 on board, as well as a Google certified emulator for Android which can be accessed on the play store and accordingly on all apps, that run on Android. The switching is done using a simple display button.

To the exact size of the battery, still no information is known, however, let the ATIV is Q up to 9 hours.While Wi-Fi a/b/g/n is one of the features, the good part unfortunately waives mobile. It is indeed a pity, and also strange because even if is vielernorts Wi-Fi as in public places, at airports or in trains more and more widespread, UMTS/LTE for discerning buyers a must-have is actually often.

Price unknown

Still, The ATIV Q is one of the most exciting convertibles on the market, because it waits with a crisp-sharp display and two operating systems, which makes it so equally suitable for entertainment and productive work. About the price and the release date, Samsung has let announced anything yet, but you will be given the features on a more likely twice as high price for a Apple iPad 4 need to adjust. We’ll keep you in any case up to date.