Samsung Galaxy S II Reaching The 1.6 GHz

The custom ROMs ever more shown its superiority in ambition many manufacturers of Android, showing true passion and devotion to their terminals the rest helping make the most terminals without more ambition than the receive thanks and sporadically any donation in their pages to be able to afford the costs of the development of the aforementioned ROMs.

Among his ambitions is of overclock terminals beyond that allows serial manufacturer, to significantly increase the capacity of the terminal at the expense of the battery, although this is more personal satisfaction than utility. The latest achievement of the cooks with the terminal logo from Samsung, the Galaxy S II, is the most powerful terminal of the market at the moment, and is that this time they have left in diapers to the own Samsung.

The record obtained this time is neither more nor less than 1.6 GHz, a number of amazing knowing that its factory power is 1. 2 GHz, adding one-third its capacity. This milestone has been achieved with Checkrom v2.0.0 for Galaxy S II with SiyahKernel v2.1.1, combination made by Jamie Doege and Simms

This leaves the Galaxy S II as the King of the benchmark, beating HTC Sensation that two months ago has managed to reach 1. 56GHz, but no less impressive numbers that produced development will help the rest of programmers to prepare best ROMs for various terminals and improve the experience of those who depend on them.