Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Test

Whether endurance, sound, equipment or operation: the Samsung Galaxy S4 convinces in test and sits at the top of the Smartphone leaderboards.

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The first contact with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is already at the handle to the cardboard impressively: light brown with grain – which we didn’t have yet.

The life cycle assessment is true: the packaging consists of 100 percent recycled paper as the supplied quick start guide and is printed with soy-based ink. And the content? The production model of the Galaxy S4 confirmed the impression that we have taken home from the first performance in New York: the successor of the top sellers of Galaxy S3 makes visually no experiments.

Front S3 and S4 look confusingly similar. The narrower page bars in the display, the new arrangement and number of the front sensors, the newly formed Home button as well as a tick brighter and fitted with a fine pattern white – all of this is only Smartphone geeks fall on.

The processing is once again perfectly. Only the battery cover of the S4 polycarbonate provides haptic fans attack surface. From a pure plastic housing, as often erroneously noted, metal frame can be in a front made of scratch-resistant Gorilla glass and a wide but does not mention brushed.

Samsung is also accomplished the feat to reduce the dimensions of the Galaxy S4, although the display is 0.2 inches larger than during the first. Thanks to the compact design, it is possible to use the S4 with one hand by thumb – it’s an advantage not to be underestimated in everyday life. Our test device brings 129 grams with micro-SIM and memory card exactly – so you can put the S4 in the jacket pocket, without that bulge out of the fabric.

Display: Leap in technology

One of the highlights in the truest sense of the word, is the 5-inch AMOLED display anyway. Display dissolves in full HD with 1080 x 1920 pixels and offers a pixel density of 442 dpi.

The brightness output, the biggest weakness of OLED technology, could Samsung onto Pack compared to all previously tested OLED screens powerful. Now, the display of the Galaxy S4 obtained a strong 287 cd/m2 brightness.

Absolutely a huge leap in this area is this though always still just below the threshold of 300 cd/m2, from the commonly legibility even in direct sunlight is guaranteed, however, is this result.

During the playback of test images and videos, the S4 distinguished himself with an enormous brilliance, balanced colours and an excellent contrast – the automatic image adjustment “Adapt Display” done their job obviously excellent.

The automatic can also disable in the settings menu for the display and the user can choose his favorite of four screen modes. We do not see a reason to do so. You can increase the sensitivity of the touch screen so that the Galaxy S4 plow can be in winter with gloves – what worked well in the test. But now we can enjoy once the summer…

The following infographic shows the technical highlights of the Galaxy S4 overview

Equipment: Technical tidbits

The technical facts can cluck the Smartphone fan with the tongue: the quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T ensures a maximum 1.9 GHz speed. Also the memory is 2 GB in the feed. With our 16-GB test device just under 10 GB were freely available. Who needs more, must wait anything, comes to the 32 and 64 GB version on the market.

Multimedia files can be placed on an optional micro SD card into the removable memory slot. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a practical file browser already on board. In terms of connectivity the S4 Hexaband LTE, quad-band UMTS including HSPA +, pfeilschnellem ac-Wi-FI, Wi-Fi direct, NFC as well as GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning brings about, what is currently good and too expensive.

This potent base shows its full potential in various benchmark tests, 3D games – and delay-free control pace in everyday life, which is a real pleasure. In addition an excellent 13-mega pixel camera, which we separately looked at us. Here are a few recording from the camera of the Galaxy S4, we shoot in automatic mode.

Software: Overkill in the facilities

A slightly more difficult issue is the huge scope of equipment of the Samsung Galaxy S4. He blows up really every frame and the scope of this test. Features: So the Galaxy S4 brings voice, the translator translation program, the picture in picture function via finger air view, air gesture gesture control, well-functioning speech S the preview feature popup-play and also the feature multi-window, the screen vertically or horizontally can be used with two different programs.

To join the special functions which are controlled by eye contact. About the screen lock smart stay, smart scrolling scroll as well as smart pause break videos. And in the mode group play up to eight Galaxy S4 can be coupled via Wi-Fi direct and NFC, which enables a simple data exchange, allows Multipayerspiele or renders the same piece of music to all connected devices.

All listed features performed their task to test easily. Whether they really bring added value? We will try out the feature overkill in a fatigue test and report of meaning and benefits. There are also some real killer features that immediately convince – about watch on. The remote control function uses the built-in infrared diode to control the domestic TV and other devices.

To do this, an interactive program guide, which can be cut to the user joins. The favorite program of the tester and certainly any music fan is adapt sound and can be found under “Sound” in the settings menu. Thus, strengths and weaknesses of the users ear and headphones are used on test tones are determined and accordingly adjusted the playback.

The A/B comparison failed during music playback, but also at the quality of telephony via headset, really impressive. Speaking of sound: also that when seated properly in the ear well sounding, supplied in-ear headphones fit into the image of the music specialist. The listeners are connected with a stable flat ribbon cables to the Smartphone, submit also calls and serve to control the player with volume control.

Operation: What is too much, just turn off

What is certain is: who wants to exploit the full range of Galaxy S4, which has some familiarization time to invest. Opportunities not lacking flagship the Galaxy anyway. More feeling tightness in the chest in the face of the countless features, the most special functions can disable quick access but also comfortable – and has still a high-end phone in hand.

Laboratory measurements: Perfectly

It is also in the connect test laboratory no nakedness is. We were expecting a good stamina and she turned out just under 7 hours in continuous use in the typical mix of uses excellent with. During normal use, one comes with the S4 also time well over two days without reloading.

The transmission and reception quality is although not outstanding, but is at a good level. Here, the polycarbonate housing is then clear advantages over metal. The HTC One showed for example, weaknesses in the test. And also on the sound during a telephone conversation, the Galaxy S4 is more than practical, excellent pleasing loud and especially in transmit direction.

Conclusion: The new number 1

With consistently good and excellent in many places measurement results and a State-of-the-art facilities, the Samsung Galaxy S4 brings square 1 the connect best with tight ahead of the Sony Xperia Z.

And finally also the wait is on Samsung’s Galaxy S4 an end which is good since the end of April to buy it. Let’s start with the 16-GBVersion for 729 euros, which is in white or black. Where the recommended price for the launch is significantly undercut: the S4 currently for 649 euros is advertised In the Internet trade.

For a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the current competition, in the connect issue 6/2013 (as of May 2 at the kiosk). Here the hands on video of the product launch in New York.