Samsung Galaxy S8 Is In The Starting Holes

Yesterday it was so far: The Samsung Galaxy S8 was officially presented. The new flagship of Samsung comes in April. And Samsung is setting new standards with the S8 and the big brother S8+.

On the 30.03.2017 at 17 o’clock started: Samsung fans finally got the new Galaxy S8 to face. The expectation pressure is high. Innovation is required, a real point landing. We have summarized themost important information for you.

Almost frameless design

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Advertised As The “Most Beautiful Galaxy ever”. It has, as already speculated, almost no borders and consists almost exclusively of display. The corners and edges are rounded, the screen overlaps left and right and offers the VIP and additional functions known from the Galaxy S7 edge. There will be an S8 + variant for this. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is 5.8 inches in size and dissolves in WQHD+, the Galaxy S8 + delivers 6.2 inches including dual edge.So for streamer and gamer a real highlight. For the home button there is no longer a button of your own. He has walked under the display.

New Safety Measures

With the home button is also the fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy from the front disappeared. The S8 is located on the back. On the other hand, an iris scanner and facial recognition are waiting for the device to be unlocked in order to further increase the safety. This allows the user additional options to protect their data and media.

Bixby: Samsung’s Language Assistant

Siri, Cortana and Alexa : So the language systems of Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Now, Samsung has refilled and presented his own assistant: BixbyS Voice does not exist anymore. Instead, all Samsung devices in the house are to be controlled with Bixby. He not only has a own button, but should also Siri to compete and co. Among other things, he will be able to analyze images and contexts.

Performance: High Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has gone through a whole series of tests. Only eight levels only for the battery. It should be  even more persistent than that of its predecessor and can be refilled inductively via quick-charge function. Likewise, Samsung announced an even better performancethan the Galaxy S7. This is achieved not only by the fast in-house Octa-Core Exynos, but also by special performance modes. They optimize the computing power and provide, for example, a liquid representation of high-resolution content.

Release And Cost Point

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be delivered in April. You’ll also find cool accessories like Samsung Dex, with which you turn your Galaxy S8 into a desktop computer. In addition, a new 360-degree camerawill come from Samsung. You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+today- even in mobile phone flash. The cost is around 800 euros for the S8 and around 900 euros for the S8+. On our website you will find further information about the new Samsung flagship.