Samsung Galaxy Touch 8.0 in the Test

The Galaxy scores rated 8.0 with feature-rich, good stamina and strong display. The price is rather high.

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With the Galaxy Notes 8.0 puts Samsung after the two giants smartphones touch and touch 2 and the 10-inch Tablet touch 10.1 already the fourth model before, that brings the practical stylus S pen. The latest Tablet addition to the South Koreans is available as Wi – Fi and 3 g version with nominally 16 GB internal memory.

For the Galaxy, Samsung note 8.0 requires very self-confident 499 euros without respectively 599 euro with 3 g module. There, the interested party must breathe once. A look in the Internet trade but quickly ensures financial relaxation: Here is the Wi-Fi model to the 370 euro, the mobile phone version proposes more record with around 90 euros.

Compact and high quality

Here as a front made of Gorilla glass 2 protects the display from scratch attacks. Also the back plastic cover belongs to the high-quality representative of their profession. Optically and haptically the Galaxy convincing note 8.0 so. In the discipline of “Compact body”, the eight millimeter flat tablet also makes a stab.

Comfortable in one hand hold the housing owners average probe cannot be although, for this you can hold well the Notes 8.0 thanks to his wide display fringe, both in landscape and portrait – without that it accidentally on the touch screen patscht and throws unwanted actions.

Strong platform, bright display

For the lush price, the buyer also in terms of technology gets offered a lot. So the in-house Exynos 4412 1.6 GHz quad-core processor provides memory clock rate in connection with the 2 GB operating pace that is washed. The Galaxy can be well used note 8.0 itself as a game console.

Especially since the 8-inch display is fully convincing: with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, good contrast ratio and a brightness output of 395 cd/m2 provides in all situations for smiling faces. Even in direct sunlight, you can read the screen still good.

Our test device, a Wi-Fi model, internal memory is less than 10 GB free of charge. Which can store photos and Office files this not enough for you, via the micro SD slot on the side of the unit the expand storage for multimedia and Office files and music, videos.

E-book mode and Powerakku

But not only in the hardware, Samsung enters the full, even with the software, the Koreans can be no slouch. How has the Galaxy also boasts touch 10.1 on the smaller brother with some clever features. So, the Galaxy has the handy preview function air view, an infrared transmitter together with the TV app and also multi-window on Board notes 8.0.

A special reading mode, which can be easily activated via the status bar and the reading of E-books from the Samsung readers hub or Google play books comes used is new.

Samsung missed the radiant white of indicating a slightly yellowish paper tone here. This is not only pleasant to the eyes, but conserves the battery to a small degree. Where the is mAh already well equipped with 4684: In practical operation, the Samsung Tablet held by up to seven hours.

Otherwise, the good piece of equipment has everything on board, what you can expect for your money. The user must only forfeit an FM radio – what can be, unless you have an Internet connection, a Web radio app easily compensate.

Conclusion: The Primus under the little

Pay the developer effort: in sum, Samsung with the Galaxy note 8.0 provides the current Primus small tablet – what is not least due to the numerous, Samsung-specific special functions.

When looking at the result achieved the large-size competitors models must be glad that Samsung has sent us only the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Notes 8.0 to the test. Who knows how the result would otherwise look. Anyone looking for a handy Android tablet, can set the search – nobody delivers a better currently.