Samsung Kies for Mac OSX

Many of you, OSX users and owners of a mobile phone of Samsung, We have wondered if there was some system in order to use the official software Kies for Mac. In the majority of cases the answer passed through activate Bootcamp and add a boot with Windows, solution that wasn’t a majority too comfortable.

As well, the day of suffering already over. Through fellow Applesfera I find that Samsung It has decided to remove the version of your Kies for OSX. News that it will surely appeal to everyone and also confirming that large companies are starting to listen requests from all users. It is not surprising taking into account that its Galaxy S has been record sales worldwide, expected to beat with the Galaxy S 2 and certainly a large percentage of those users will be it also in Mac, platform spreading more and more in every household and business.

For all those interested, note that at the moment only the The Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy S 2 they will be supported, but insurance that will be gradually expanding the list. I suppose it’s a maneuver with the aim of probing the acceptance and use of users of the OSX platform. You have the download link with the DMG to footer.