Samsung Project J: Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini And A Smartwatch?

More than two months ago, we had told you about several rumors , including the Samsung Project J talk. At the time, it was only the fact that the name Project J should be the internal code name for the development of the Galaxy S4, so the report was abundantly unspectacular. With today’s change however, this is because there is now more information about Project J, which is obviously the codename for the development of a whole series of devices. Reported here is the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini and a really unknown device. The Galaxy S4 is called Altius in this project. The smaller Project J Mini has the delicious name Serrano, which is not derived from the Spanish ham.

 The two smartphones were definitely to be expected, but it is more interesting in the third device of this series, called the Project J Active or Fortius. This is or should be a Samsung Smartwatch, a direct response to the current trend of smart watches and to the suspected Smartwatch from PHONEJUST. A decision about this product is still to be pending, however, the two smartphones, on the other hand, are blessed and are likely to come into the market in the coming months. The Smartwatch project is certainly not only interesting, but confirms our article from the very beginning when we reported on an interview in which a senior Samsung employee explained that the Koreans would rather watch the markets first before placing products on the market. The idea of ​​the Smartwatch is not quite new, but now it is really getting kicked by various kickstarter projects.

Also published, the colleagues of Sammobile have a list with accessories for the three respective devices. The battery at the Altius says that you can change the battery with the Galaxy S4. The accessory to Fortius in turn confirms the presumption of the Smartwatch or a device of this kind.