Samsung Shows How The Vulkan API Actually Improves The Games

I admit that I am pretty amateur games, even on a mobile phone, and the news of the appearance of Vulkan, which would help to improve the quality of the games seemed to me to be excellent. Terminals that they decided to incorporate this API were the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, while the LG G5 (also presented at MWC) has not adopted it yet.

However, should not worry, because, if it does not happen anything rare, Vulkan will be API graphics by default in Android, with that then we will enjoy a little more of the games unless they both drink battery (part of the code is responsible for optimizing battery games spending).

For those who think to buy one of the current flagships of Samsung or have assured that they will receive Android N, the Korean manufacturer has shown in a video how Vulkan has improved the quality of the games during the E3 this year, showing some games like Need for Speed.

Not in all cases it is a significant, as in the case of the mentioned improvement Need for Speed, where unique improvements have been the particle effects, some more realistic water reflections and an improvement in the “anti-aliasing” effect (that enhance the edges of the graphics, in short), but are improvements that are noticed. Here you have a video you want to see.