Sandals Ipanema Summer

Ipanema is one of the most well-known footwear brands in Brazil. Each season new sandals are launched to complement the look of the Brazilian woman, seeking to captivate the feminine essence and to value the main trends of fashion. Ipanema is responsible for great collections of success, as is the case of Anatomics. 

With the arrival of summer, the Ipanema sandals promise to make a great success with the female audience. The icon collection of the 2011 season has not yet been released, but everything indicates that features of the past lines should prevail in the new shoe models. As it could not fail to be, Ipanema bet on the bright colors and relaxed prints that perfectly match the tropical climate.

The anatomical sandals have a common shape, but offer comfort to the feet through the anatomical sole. This model of footwear turns out to be ideal for day-to-day and combines with the cheerful costumes of summer. There are also sandals created for men in the Anatomical collection, models with modern design that think of the needs of modern man.

The focus of this season has been the women’s collection, with sandals in different models. This line brings a show of colors and work with modern materials to ensure the nice structure of the shoes. For now, the  collection Ipanema spring summer 2011, aims its focus on Ipanema Magic .

There are eight different models in the Ipanema Magic line, which vary in color, pattern and design. The variety aims to suit all types of tastes and complement looks for different occasions. These sandals feature a detailed embossed finish with modern designs stamped on the sole. Plastic strips help make the carpet even more modern and comfortable.

The Ipanema Magia Rasteira is the ideal sandal to walk on the beach, go to the club pool or use quietly during the day. This exclusive and fun model is available in pink, white, purple, yellow, green, black and even in a version that mixes white and gold.

With prints and colors of fashion, Ipanema summer 2011 sandals  promise to launch trends over the coming season. Grendene must bet on new colors, but still cherish the floral, listed, geometric prints and animals that are still at their peak. To adapt to all styles and offer comfort to the feet, this is a constant search of Ipanema.

Soon the  launches of Ipanema sandals  will be announced. Stay tuned with ethnicityology.