Sandals Lui Lui 2011 Collection

Lui Lui is a brand of women’s shoes that is falling in the taste of Brazilian women with its extensive variety of products. The company reproduces the main trends of fashion for each collection, seeking to combine the elements of comfort and beauty to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

Lui Lui’s catalog of new products is surprising and reveals the profile of a brand that is well ahead of its time. Each pair of footwear is made with a design rich in detail, sophisticated and able to provide comfortable accommodation to the feet. Who uses Lui Lui can put together the perfect look for different occasions.

The  Lui Lui sandals  are very sophisticated footwear and attuned to the preferences of modern women. With different shapes and finishes, the pieces launch trends and therefore are present in the windows of the main footwear stores in Brazil. The collection launched in summer 2011, for example, was marked by relaxed, modern sandals that can be worn on several occasions.

Lui Lui sandals are renowned for the diversity of heels, which in addition to keeping the woman always elegant, also offers comfort when walking. The brand bets on making all kinds of sandals, with thin heels, basic platforms or even discreet creeps that complement the look of summer days.

Lui Lui strengthens its name among Brazilian consumers, marking its presence in stores all over Brazil. With each collection the brand seeks to value the diversity of tastes, so it prizes for a flexible and comprehensive catalog. Only Lui Lui sandals know how to combine colors in the right proportion and innovate the feminine style with a lot of originality.

The  2011 Lui Lui sandals collection  highlights color as one of the main elements. The brand already develops pieces that combine both a more formal and relaxed look. The fashion surfer is highly valued by Lui Lui, showing this through the combination of colors and prints.

If you do not know  where to buy Lui Lui sandals , look for the nearest reseller and enjoy the news of each collection. Remembering that it is not difficult to find pairs of branded shoes illustrating the shop windows.