Sara Saad Fitness Legging

The fitness of legging Sara Sa will be our inspiration for a basic look to work out!

Use fitness to work out legging is trumps: she offers comfort, the way the movements, the fabrics are suitable to let the skin breathe (if not, run!), prevents friction between a leg and another, which usually cause much discomfort to who has thick legs, and the 3/4 model still has the most charm not to cover the entire leg. So, be sure to have a legging pants in your fitness clothes drawer!

Let’s give various tips here on the blog about how to stay beautiful with their clothes to work out, in all styles. Today we begin with the basics, inspired by the look of fitness Sara Sa, Portuguese model known worldwide for your work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel:

Beautiful, expressive eyes and a tall body, Sara Sa is one of the best-known Portuguese celebrities of today, with 1.7 million followers on Instagram (@sarasampaio) and Facebook. Let’s see a very basic look that she used to work out in a common day of your routine in NY?

It is true that there is nothing different in look, but could not be more appropriate. Even more so because this picture was taken in August, that is, the middle of summer in the United States, which calls for a fresh look at the time of the workout. We chose this look because no one can complain that it’s hard to be inspired in a super model in time to dress up: you don’t have to spend a lot of money, just be careful and choose the right parts! And you’ve noticed that the model of fitness legging that she chose is very similar to the 3/4 legging of Specialità Lingerie? This wide waistband offers wonderful comfort and security to you move around without worrying if the belly is showing or if the legging is leaving the place. This is essential in fitness clothes 1 1!

Black shoes, fitness legging Black 3/4 with wide waistband, top fitness black, white spaghetti strap shirt (which leaves the top handle appearing, a charm!) and sunglasses, half chosen by top was that invisible, but she’s there too!

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