Sarah Mia Design Jewelry, Engagement and Wedding Rings

In a small and fine Studio in Tübingen, the jewelry designer Sarah Knöller manufactures their precious works of art.
2010, she founded her jewelry label of a special kind – sarah mia!

From the outset it was important to work with Fairtrade gold and silver for the label sarah mia. The focus is on the conscious handling of material and design.

This is the couple and the people wear the sarah mia in the Center. The designer will accompany each pair on his way to the dream ring and so unique, enchanting rings arise at each consultation.

The unusual design is alive and graceful, this white noble coating is combined with sarah mia with Fairtrade silver. The designer spreads with ease radiant diamonds in their current sarah mia “brings the stars from the sky” collection.

The amulets of the collection tell short stories of distant lands with Oriental and Baroque ornaments as the designer inspired the charming city of Tübingen with your numerous swans on the Neckar island.

Sarah Mia has a vision – “green luxury”!
There are currently seeing no markings to the material fair traded gold and silver. Consequently, Sarah Knöller had to make a considerable overhead in order to find a supplier in Germany, which offers fair and sustainably funded metals and stones and she could trust.

So came as the last shipment of gold from a small mine in Bolivia. When the gold mining is sure that no harmful substances are released. The workers get a fair wage and no children with this severe work be instructed.

Along with the great photographer Daniela Reske and enchanting dresses by Soeur Coeur presents sarah mia its unique pieces of jewelry.
We are pleased to be able to present you as the first wedding blog the successful result.

Sarah mia enters film with an image, rotated to present new ways to sexy light in the sunset and beautiful images. We find this video very atmospheric and want to imagine necessarily there.