Seam The Apocalypse Or Christmas?Winterlook With Oversize sweater

At first I wanted to thank you first that you have been so many of my request and have called me your quirks. This is balm for my soul.

I am not alone and understand that as a call to continue my list… Consistent as I am, I will do this naturally-if I do not forget it and the time allows. That is just being properly stranger. My outfit, on the other hand, I planned all by myself, and it was devoted to fishnet stockings, a thick woolly Oversize sweater and my embroidered ankle boots 😉

The time just before Christmas brings such a full filled agenda that it is almost impossible, in it, a free gap for * mehundgemeundGedankennachunddabeid the Waschauf *. This is now celebrated, loved and thanked for what is going on. I wonder why we put all this into the supposedly stale time? Did we go to the sack before 11 months? Now four weeks before Christmas, all at once a better one will be aware? Here’s the advent caffeine, as a community cookie bake. And a great many friends, yes, and even colleagues, are suddenly called upon to drink another mulled wine.Apart from the Christmas parties.


Besides, there are of course the many cards with Christmas and year change wishes that fill the mailbox. No, no please do not misunderstand, I am pleased about every single mail that reaches me. However, each card is also associated with a bad conscience-I do not write Christmas mail myself, ie. no more. Today I am already glad when I give my gifts with the label… If the correct name on it stands, I can be proud of my written performance. How many times have I already gone so far that I have packed a present and forgotten after two days for whom it was thought.

Nicholas Trauma

If one has children, one can say goodbye to free time windows anyway. With the nursery or nursery it begins … For, of course, the Nikolaus comes into the respective institution and with a sense of sincerity: I would not want to make my children realize that they have unfortunately missed the holy Rauschebart. The argument that he might have put her in the sack can not be talked about… A Nikolaus trauma and thus a reason for further sleepless nights, I would not have risked so blue-eyed… So go to the date with apple, nut and almond kernel…

I Am Not A Machine Hm Helicopter Mother

Later, when the Holy Bishop is no longer so popular, the feast of love is just as different. It is sung, played and christmasbasart which holds the stuff. The children have a sense of obligation and ours could of course stay away from the whole spectacle. But with all love, these are my children, who are on the stage and not there, is not an option for me. Then the next Blogpost falls rather short or the cookie baking into the water. And no, I’m not a helicopter mother… I’m light years away…

To Be Late And Yet Be Too Early

This has brought me also a situation at the parents’ speech, which of course also still in the Adventszeit must be completed, before the eyes. Unfortunately, I had the bad luck to run a mother of a schoolmate of my daughter in the arms. Although I was actually too late, I still had to wait before the classroom. This took the other lady to the occasion, to screw me into the knee. While I did not know what her son was, let alone his name, she knew all about my children and asked me about my short name. In addition, she criticized the chaotic kind of the class leader, who is really very sympathetic to me, precisely because of his chaos.

Runs With Me

While she was talking, I prayed fervently that the door to the classroom might open. But, unfortunately, I did not meet my wish promptly and I heard me say that the people should not have times. After all, the kids will have to deal with chaotic people later on and I will not be there to give the boss the right opinion. Or maybe I’m there-but my child probably unemployed. As soon as I had finished my speech, the door opened and I only remember the expression of the other mother, which attested to my mental illness.

A High On The Adventszeit

But where do I write back already… with the full schedule before Christmas has only a conditionally what to do. I was not even able to push my babble on a previous Christmas market visit with excessive glow-pastry, because I just came out of the office. On the other hand, I do not know what the colleagues, besides the love still bake into their biscuits…. O:-). The icing on the cake is the work itself… Finally, all reports, tables, evaluations must also be completed and written by 31 December at the latest. Really a high up on the Adventszeit, which unfortunately does not bring us in silence, but with timpani and trumpets… I have every year the impression that the apocalypse is approaching. But I’ll take them on the couch in my sleep. There she will look….

Winterlook With Oversized Sweater

But today it is not so far, so there is now a word to the outfit that has nothing to do with a pajama. Besides the Schlagjeans, it is especially the wide 7/8 pants, which makes the skinny competition. That’s what I learned during my visit to Frankfurt from past weekends. Here we are by chance at an event in the genuinely hip and trendy The Listener  landed. There were mega many different Jeanslabels and the competent lady said that the Skinny was dead. Well, so drastic?Hmmm… I wanted to vehemently contradict… but was rather small because I have worn one-a skinny. But I can do different-so today there is a winterlook cropped jeans, woolen Oversize sweater and my embroidered ankle boots. And because the pants is a bit shorter, are a few net tights, so that’s net freezes.

The only stupid thing about Oversize sweaters is that almost no jacket, coat, etc. fits more about it. I was lucky with my red coat from Asos-it just fit, and since the sweater is so warm, I do not need a thick jacket over there… Have a fine week my dear …

Coat: Asos – I’ve been around for a while now, and at Breuninger is just this beautiful mantle copy of maje in the sale  (Affiliatelink)-bright red and simply wonderful. 
Blouse: Soft Rebelle-my flowering is collarless, but  I could look over this tiny stand-up collar in favor of this grandiose cuff sleeve of Cinque (Affiliatelink About you). Especially since it would not be visible under a rolli eh. 
Shoes: Sam Edelman-in rest sizes, the ankle boots are still available at Net-a-Porter  (Affiliatelink)-currently I imagine that I would have these ankle boots by Sam Edelman  (Affiliatelink) also still have. 
Pullover: Mango-it is unfortunately not available anymore. I bought it after the Blackfriday weekend… Yes… after…. O 🙂 
Jeans: Amy Vermont via WENZ-at Edited there is just this grandiose Vila-Jeans  (Affiliatelink)… unfortunately only in two sizes and never in my… otherwise this pants would be on the way to me. 
Bag: Speedy40