See-throughs iPhone: do you like to go and texting?

Do you like to go and texting at the same time? So Apple has maybe a good solution for you.
Transparent TEXT helps users with walking and texting at the same time.

Type N Walk iOS app: one of the apps that help you go and texting at the same time.

On Thursday 27th. March patented Apple a new technology with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The technology is called for “transparent texting”, and will make it possible for iPhone users to see what is in front of them, while they are texting while they go. You can purchase an Apple iPhone through any Apple store or through the Apple online website.

Transparent sms works such that a live video image will be background, while to write Sms, and it helps users see the surroundings in real time. Apple has submitted the application for the patent to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office already d. 26. September 2012, but there are still a few apps that work in much the same way,: Walk N Text to Android, Type N Walk to iOS and Text N Walk for Windows Phone.

Some believe that it may be dangerous to texting and walking at the same time, even if you use apps like Walk N text, so they believe that the “look-through” technology can actually make the situation worse, while others are eagerly awaiting the new apps and technologies. What do you think?