Seniors are Processed for Sharing Music in Sweden

Two Swedish 60-year-old is being processed by the Nordic arm of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI, its acronym in English) for sharing about 3000 songs by Direct Connect service. The “crime” took place in mid-2009 and since met with the heavy hand of the law subjects admitted that they committed “copyright violations” through the program.

Old safe haven services like Pirate Bay and the host country of the famous Pirate Party in recent years Sweden has been yielding to international pressure to toughen its laws against file sharing protected on the network.

According to site since 2008 two promoters work full time to investigate cases related to file sharing. How to remember the site TorrentFreak, services like Direct Connect “lets its users vulnerable to mass rape charges, since all your shared content can be accessed from a single location.”

The trials of the men should happen soon and if they are convicted may go to jail. According to Henrik Rasmussen promoter, responsible for opening the case, the file-sharing procedures are still rare in Sweden for being difficult to be investigated, but he says that “the number of shares expected to increase gradually in the coming years”, added.