Shelves in the Kitchen – Photos to Inspire!

The shelves are a great option for those who want to take advantage of the room in small environments, and in the kitchen they are essential to create space to keep all utensils, in addition to being an interesting option to traditional kitchen cabinets.

If you are thinking of putting shelves in your kitchen but hasn’t decided yet how, today you’ll get a lot of inspiration to help you choose your shelves!

With them your kitchen will be more practical and organized, and you will optimize the space in a simple way. We’ve talked before kitchen decor and gave the hint to use shelves, but that matter is exclusively to inspire you with various images of cuisines that use shelves on the wall.

With the shelves, you can still always leave out decorative utensils, dishes, and other things that turn out to be part of the decor. You will see that you can live without cabinets in the kitchen easily, and still going to like!

Shelves for Kitchen-Inspiration

See the images in the gallery below we’ve selected to inspire you! Oh, and if you want, share the images on Pinterest or Facebook!