Short Hair: Hair Care and Styling

The most desired, my Current hair routinewas for the next Wednesday post. With long hair that was similar to (their → herein addition to the blog post), but with short hair, especially the styling looks slightly different.General my hair are fairly easy to care for, but the structure of the hair is not just styling friendly – because a fault (extremely fine, straight hair), but also the freedom of my talent. Seen in this way, short hair are quite handy, because with smallest handles you can conjure up something new – so how I discovered such the blond hairstyle for me.

Through, I’m of course the pleasure to receive new products directly in the House – especially with the hair products I try out gladly insanely new (in contrast to the face care – especially since I’ve set me here now). Kérastase and Shu Uemura are in the first place, therefore you will find only products of the two brands in this post also (except for one) and all are PR samples. This has nothing to do with purchased opinion, but besides the fact that I just regularly get supplies, also with the fact that I am convinced of the products and like to use them. Also my hair salon is working with the brand, my hair is so completely used to.

My hair routine , too short: I’m so pretty much every 3 weeks when Dimitri in his living room here in Hamburg (noon of individual hair, Willy-Brandt-Straße 57, 20457 Hamburg). Normally above all the hair in the neck and the sides are trimmed, because they grow as fast, but we’re both pretty experimental, therefore, is again a new pony cut missed me and the color changed a bit from time to time. Dimitri wants to make me by the way absolutely Platinum-blond – I think probably still quite a while, because it’s already a pretty stark change. For the time being I want to stay at my current color (with no changes in nuance) first. Which is exactly, I admittedly don’t really say that I don’t understand the hairdresser gibberish with various numbers (only highlights were lightened gently, then a 6 is in there somehow, something is currently kupfrig and then came still a darker tint over it). But I am every time very happy because we previously discuss everything and it also looks after, so I don’t continue questioning everything. I’m definitely very happy to have found a Hairdresser, I trust 100% and I also like to just leave. Something like that is worth gold!

Today, I want to give you an update on my current hair routine and talk about hair care and styling. I’m a very happy user of Kérastase and Shu Uemura and I can definitely recommend all of the following products.
My hair is very thin and not that easy to style but I found a few products which help me with my hair texture and make it possible to try out some different hairdos.
I go to my hairdresser every three weeks, especially for trimming the hair in my neck and on the sides, but we both like to try out new things, so I normally get a new cut for my bangs or a different color. He actually wants to dye my hair platinum blonde, but that’s something I will have to think about for some time. Anyways, I really love my hairdresser and trust him with my life – sounds dramatic but it’s definitely worth a mint to be able to say that about the guy that does your hair).

Meine aktuelle Pflege unter der Dusche:
The new “Chronologiste” series I use once a week on the weekend, extra care to give my hair and make pure afterwards also no styling product. The series consists of a peeling, Hair bath/shampoo (that correctly greatly expands after the Pablo – and I am too, that I am a small fan of sparkling!) and a hair mask. Also a Parfum hair oil with is however only very carefully can give in the top, because my hair quickly very unattractive to respond to oil, it is not therefore belongs to the routine, but worth mentioning, because it smells really great. A Musthave not is in my opinion but for it however the other three products. Because it does my hair wonderfully light and silky, feel well maintained and also the scent, which is pretty good, is a plus. A ‘disadvantage’ is that it does not directly “helps my hair structure” – this my hair will not grip and no better stylebar. So it is a pure care ritual that I like once a week treat my hair for me.

For all the different shampoos (overall I try to wash my hair only maximum of 3 times per week), I use the “Resistance” products and the “Spécifique” pealing times (when I have used for example many styling products). My normal hair care consists in the case so easily of shampoo and a care milk.
A further great mask of Kérastase, that I really love and now must buy, is the mask of “Sensidote dermo-calm” (also from the “spécifique”-series, like the peeling), which is intended primarily for the scalp to soothe them and maintain. But also the hair get what it and smells all Kérastase products this mask on the very best.

At the moment, I like to use the new “Chronologiste” series once per week. It’s very nourishing and makes my hair shiny and silky. Not to mention its great fragrance!
Any other time (I try to wash my hair only up to three times a week), I stick to the “Resistance” products and from time to time to the “Spécifique” scrub (like when I’ve had lots products in my of styling hair). And I really love the “Sensidote dermo-calm” mask, which is especially made for calming your scalp. Of all Kérastase products, this one smells best!

With regard to the styling, I share a little care once again on to former in blow drying and styling really – belongs again…

The “free shape” spray from KMS California (here, by the way, as a small travel size) has proven itself as a small miracle cure in terms of “This must go faster!” for me. This, the hair while blow-drying will dry faster. They will right now, anyway, where they are short, but also here it brings a bit of what actually again. Is a “nice to have”-product, but maybe at the site especially for those of you with long hair a tip. Alternatively I can have you for faster blow drying the products of Clynol heart, there are also two sprays (“wonder 10 blow-out” and “wonder 10 treatment”), which can pretty well.

The ‘Nectar Thermique’-cream from the ‘ nutritive ‘ series I use sometimes after the care with the “Chronologiste”-products, only a mini DAB, which acts also as a hair dryer protection and nourishes the hair. I got the cream used already like especially with longer hair and like it very much!

For the normal dry where I directly do something gripping the hair, I use the “Lift Vertige” gel and what a little bit of the “Spray à Porter”. This hair is not only handy, but have somewhat more support and are not quite so straight in the face.

Up-to-date with me still in the test without anything to be able to say: “Sérum Jeunesse” from the “Densifique”-series. I had the “Densifique” body Yes → ever tested – with success! This serum (by the way, in the form of spray) is new to the series and to rejuvenate more or less back hair – this is one of thicker hair, less hair loss and more shine. The latter is not quite so necessary for me, but I need thicker hair, since my year (so it is forecast at least) will be so thin on duration, I to fight will have severe hair loss. So I’m trying it now and am curious!

My three main styling products:
– Kérastase “short Mania”:I use especially with the tousled hair — for the I need best not freshly washed hair (second day is good, third even better), neat dry shampoo / dry styling spray and then the paste. It is much gewuschelt to define tight curls and then a bit nicer drapes. Finally hair spray fixed (particularly sturdy support here is beneficial).
And I use the Paste once, when the pony is not as it should be or I want to get a bit more definition. Mostly style but just plain hair spray enough spray the dry for it, may advance.
– Shu Uemura “Texture Wave”:for me the best dry styling spray of all. Now I’ve tried some dry shampoos, also from the drugstore, and this works best of all, even though I’m not really picky, because they all serve their purpose. This one leaves this white powder shadows but the least, fixed already quite well and also very pleasant smells.
– Kérastase “lacque Noire”:even with hair spray I’m not bogged down actually on one – main thing, it holds up really well (I accept therefore always the one with the highest level), because I need my fine hair. A small favorite, despite everything, is this hair spray, that is not glued to the hair there, but very well fixed.

For my hair styling, I like to give my hair some extra care because of the heat. I like to use a fast drying spray (with heat protecting function) from KMS California when I just want to blow-dry my hair. For some special care, I prefer the “Nectar Thermique” cream, which is very nourishing and has a very nice scent (I already used it with longer hair and recommend it to all of you guys with long hair!). When I want to style my hair while blow-drying it, I use the “Lift Vertige” gel and a little bit of the “Spray à Porter” from Kérastase. They make my hair a bit fuller and stronger. At the moment, I’m also using the “Sérum Jeunesse” of Kérastase’s “Densifique” series. It’s supposed to make the hair fuller and prevent hair-loss – two features that I really need because of my thin hair. I can’t wait to see if it works!
For my tousled hairdo, I like to use three products – and it’s better not to work with freshly washed hair (it’s easier on the second day after washing, best on the third day!):First, I use some dry styling spray (or dry shampoo) which gives the necessary hold. Afterwards, I put in some styling paste and tousle my hair, creating some curls and defining them. Finishing it with extra strong hair spray, this became my second signature hairdo (my sleek diagonal bangs are still my favorite and go-to hairdo).