Site For Exchange Of Toys

It amazes me the amount of toys that ends up here at home. Octavian and I don’t have the habit of buying toys for Leo, but only what he already takes care of most of our room and his room. And the more time passes, if we’re not in desafazendo than enough, business is getting worse (a deposit).

What I do here at home is to donate the toys of Leo. What he will lose the interest I step forward, but there is another very good alternative and it can be very useful, interesting and even education, which is the exchange of toys.

There are several trade fairs of toys throughout Brazil, which I think it’s great, but not always have availability to attend them (or why we have commitment, or why stay away from our homes, or because that day we’re a “rag” of tired). And that’s where the Backyard of exchanges enters and becomes a very interesting and practical alternative to the traditional trade fairs of toys.

The Backyard of Trade is, in fact, the first Web site in Brazil focused exclusively on the exchange for toys, games, books and costumes. Through a simple mechanism and totally free, you can choose the toy using filters by age, brand, mark, among others. All items are accompanied by photos and a detailed description of the State in which they find themselves.

Here’s a cute video that shows how the Trade works: farm

In addition to promoting the shared consumption, the site also rescues simple things like: writing a letter, understand the importance of caring for best toy and still perform. The page also has a space for exchanging messages, all made for a fun experience.

The site was developed by a team of professionals who possess work geared to children, such as psychologists, journalists, artists and artisans. The idea is to teach, playful way, sharing in a sustainable way, negotiate, assign, conquer, recycle, oversee, loosen, preserve nature without waste, stimulate the sense of community, make new friends, among other concepts.

In the collaborative area of the site, find information, news, articles, events and articles about companies and NGOs engaged in the work for issues such as consumerism, sustainability, children’s healthy nutrition among other related topics. Carol Ghai, founder of the Backyard, felt the need of a virtual space to perform the shared consumption when you had the opportunity to participate in a trade fair of toys the Institute Alana and saw your daughter infected by the joke.

I loved the idea. I don’t think that donations or participation in fairs of exchange for toys should be fully substituías, since there is a huge value to donate something to someone who really needs and also participate in person the experience of Exchange (it is very very fun), but I see this site as a very interesting alternative, for those times when our kids want something new but we’re not being able or not willing to spend and, also, when we do not have availability to go in person to the “actual fairs”.

I love this initiative and I hope you enjoyed the tip. For more information access the website of the Fifth of Trading or your remote control toys.