Six Fashion Trends, Which May Surprise Us In 2017

We feed the end of the year, now with big steps, just nine days separate us from 01.01.2017. By now, it is time to make a few thoughts about possible fashion trends 2017. And one thing is quite clear, and there will be some trends that will not be expected in the coming year. Or maybe I’m not even sure if I want to wear them like that.

But everyone can decide for themselves. For you, I have compiled six fashion trends, which may surprise us in 2017. Perhaps the one or the other trend is also surprised or surprised. Personally, I am very curious what you think of it.

High Water Pants

I never thought I’d mention the name of high water pants in the same set with fashion trends, but lo and behold, times are changing. In my youth it was still a taboo that the pants were so short that one felt that they were pulled up because of imaginary floods to stay dry. Hence the name. 2017 is to become a trend.

We had already shortened/slightly rolled up trousers already this year. Now it becomes a bit more extreme. If the carded trousers have stopped at the level of the ankle, the floodpants end up clearly above this. Combine these with a pair of sneakers, but please make sure that the socks are not visible!

Strong Shoulders

Do not worry, it does not mean that you have to go to the gym three times a week to strengthen and define your shoulders. Rather, this means that the Slim Fit suits are not quite as hip as now and a change takes place here. Instead of being close-fitting, the cuts in suits, especially the jackets, are rather loosely, oversized. The shoulder part is therefore more powerful.

Only through oversized cuts, however, can not achieve this style.Therefore, one thing is clear, the shoulder pads from decades ago find their way into the domestic wardrobe again. A trend which is at least not with me. Personally, I like my suits well defined and not loosely hanging on me.


Another trend, with which I can definitely make friends, is the backpack. This will not be imagined in 2017. The good thing about this is, however, the fact that here Style meets function. One can not only complete his own outfit with a stylish accessory by means of different designs. But gets its seven things also easily brought from A to B.

Striped Knitwear

Something which we will surely see in the spring of 2017 is striped knitwear. Sweaters, coats, jackets and coats of coarse or fine knitwear with stripesign. It does not matter whether the strips stand out in color or by changing materials. Generally speaking, striped is.

It is particularly interesting when the stripes give the upper part a sporty look. This usually occurs when the strips are attached to the sleeves, the chest or the lower waist on the pieces of knitwear.Ideally, color contrasting with the rest of the garment.


After 2016 the Jeansjacke as a trend piece prevailed, I would not want to doubt that the dungarees can also be a success. In the professional life I can not imagine the dungarees. But to a casual, casual leisure outfit, a dungarees made of jeans fabric certainly fits quite well.

Combined with a pair of chic sneakers or rough boots, there is certainly something here. This will also be one of the reasons why you can see the dungarees in the current Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2017. I would be interested, of course, whether you can imagine wearing such dungarees in everyday life?

Camouflage Prints

If we definitely see a fashion trend in 2017, then this is the increased use of camouflage prints. Whether it’s sneakers, trousers, jackets, sweaters or T-shirts – camouflage prints are again very big. This has already been shown by well-known brands and labels in their presentations of the upcoming collections.

Personally, I can imagine camouflage prints, gladly a bit off the standard, well on sneakers but also T-shirts. Especially for the summer, this gives an additional view according to OpelikaFashion. Jackets with all-over camouflage print would not be my first choice. But let us surprise ourselves, what is still to come with us with the fashion trends 2017.