Sleeping Bag-1ºc A 8ºc Black/Green-Mummy-Nautika

Product Details: Nautika: Sleeping Bag -1ºc A 8ºc Black/Green-Mummy-Nautika

Product: Sleeping bag-1ºc at 8ºc black/green-Mummy
Brand: Nautika

Sleeping bag -1ºc to 8ºc black/green-Mummy

Whether camping or in the mountains, a warm night with practicality is more than necessary. For situations like these, sleeping bags are the best option as they offer the comfort and the ideal temperature for a great night’s sleep.
Meet the Nautika Mummy sleeping bag. As its name implies, it is a sarcophagus-type sleeping bag that keeps its body like a sarcophagus to warm it up in a temperature range between-1ºC and 8ºC.
At the Sleepingbagsexpo, it comes with a built-in curved hood that further enhances your head comfort, and at the bottom, the sleeping bag is narrower, thus ensuring a warmer foot region.
The model has a length of 230cm, keeping an adult comfortably. Comes with a carrying bag compactor that reduces up to 40% the volume of the product when closed, facilitating the cam and brings.
In addition, its outer fabric reinforced with ripstop (anti-scratch) technology further ensures the strength of the Mummy sleeping bag. It also comes with a built-in curved capable for greater user comfort.

Compactor: Yes
Colors: PR/VD, AZ/CZ
Dimensions: Comp. 2.3m x Larg. Superior 80cm x Larg. Inferior 55cm
Temperature range: -1°C to 8°C
Material Filling: Open-Fiber 250g/m2
Outer Material: 190T Ripstop Resin Polyurethane
Resin Material: Cotton (PolyCotton)
Weight (kg): 1,5
Type: Sarcophagus
Type of Fiber: Synthetic Fiber

Instructions for use

Follow operating instructions in the package instruction manual or instructions.