Sleeping Bag Super Feather – Winter Trails and Paths

Today I will talk about the sleeping bag SUPER FEATHER WINTER brand trails and PATHS. First of all I want to make my super thanks to store Jungle Military & Adventure partner site that yielded this product for use in my last adventure, the ascent to the peak of Maher. For anyone who is in the metropolitan region of Campinas to stay in the Jungle store Shopping Parque Dom Pedro Campinas, and who is further no problem because they also sell on the site.

The Super Feather is a Winter sleeping bag for low temperatures, of course for the climate of Brazil. And when you need a bag for this purpose always has a difficult choice to make: Volume X weight X Cost. That’s because the bags but cheap are usually big and heavy and lighter and compact usually have a pretty steep price. In another opportunity I’ve been looking for a sleeping bag and during my research this model had already drawn attention for being a good cost benefit option, so when it came to need went straight to look for him. Its value hovers around R $350.00 and your size not unlike those of the most common sleeping bags found on the market, except for warmer temperatures, and your weight is around 1.8 kg.

As already said is a sleeping bag for low temperatures. On the label printed on the Pack brings the information that the comfort temperature is 3, the tolerance is 0 and the extreme is -4°. We remind you that this information is a reference for each person feels the cold differently. If you want to learn a little more about types and differences between sleeping bags click here and see the story about “sleep in the camping”.

An interesting detail is that is already part of your carry bag compactors straps found on the best models on the market, eliminating the need to purchase them separately. When compressed enough to be almost half the original size.

When open is clearly the quality of the material. Its interior is made in Nylon and according to the manufacturer’s website is filling your “0.7 denier fibers of that Microtech are 20 times thinner than a strand of hair. This insulating fiber gets RESINED treatment to reduce your accommodation and has more insulating capacity the previous by holding more air between your wires, as well as faster drying in case of frost. ”

Is a sleeping bag like “sarcophagus”, i.e., have a more fair and wider shoulders to be more fair to the body and also has a hood that fits to the head. The measures reported in the manufacturer’s website, at the top of 80 cm width and length of 1, 90 m, diverged a little of what we have achieved, but nothing to him the quality of the product.

Another very interesting detail of this bag is that it has inside another at breast height adjustment, a thermal paste, to avoid the heat loss of the chest by the hood.

Products like this are full of technical details that go unseen but make a big difference in the final result and one of them is the internal tissue sewn separately from the external tissue. This is called unmarried sewing and aims to prevent the escape of heat through the holes of the seam. Another ruse to avoid the escape of heat this on the protection pad on the inside of the zipper across your extension. And speaking of zipper that model has a zipper on both sides, that serves to attach it to another bag forming a model for couple. If this is your goal just stay tuned at the time of purchase for that one with the zipper to the right side and the gold to the left side.

Good enough technical information to report. I used the SUPER FEATHER winter for an overnight stay in the Pico dos Marins to 2420 m above sea level on the day 08 July 2017. Next to him used a thermal insulator because heating the bottom is always less efficient due to the weight of the body that compresses the fibers decreasing the air between her. Night around 9:00 pm thermometers were already marking -2 and at the same time started a wind that lasted all night and that, according to colleagues who were camped nearby, arrived at 50 km/h. That did the thermal sensation be well lower than recorded.
I went to bed around that time, using the same clothes I was wearing on the outside of the tent, i.e. the three layers of heating (second skin, fleece and feather). I had a very good night and hot, I didn’t wake up because of cold. I couldn’t hear a damn hit that night but in the morning the temperature has fallen over some 3 to 4%.

Conclusion: excellent product! Answered the needs and exceeded expectations. I was warm and comfortable in a scenario where the temperature was negative and strong winds helped to increase the chill. The product offers a good value for money compared to other similar that are heavier and bulkier.
That’s right. A strong hug to all and see you soon.