Slim Women’s Social Trousers

The slim female social pants is a classic piece that every modern woman should have in her wardrobe. Always elegant and sophisticated, they allow you to always be very well dressed for many occasions.

But like many other pieces, this pair of jeans is not today’s either, and was actually introduced to women’s wardrobes, by Chanel Coco, who brought it there from the men’s wardrobe in the 1920s, and remodeled it to contour the body female.

When Chanel had eyes for this piece in the women’s wardrobe, she soon thought of a piece that would allow comfort and more freedom for women. But of course she wanted that along with that the woman also became more elegant and charming. Thus emerged the slim female social pants, which has been conquering women of all ages.

Today they arrive in different fabrics like twill, linen, among others, and you can guarantee beauty and elegance for your looks.

And, they can be combined with silk shirts, satin, chiffon, lace, and also with T-shirts, tshirts, blazers, blazers and other pieces, bringing elegance and good taste for occasions such as work, for dinners and lunches, work meetings and also for more formal occasions.

According to berwickfashion, to compose a more elegant look with your women’s social trousers, you still need to bet on heels or if you want more comfort in a pair of sneakers. And the heels can be thick or thin.

The colors are very varied, but remember that for formal occasions the ideal is dark neutral shades such as black, for example, for the day you can bet on lighter colors or even color, but be careful. So make several combinations with your feminine social pants, and swim always beautiful and elegant! After all, a well-dressed woman is something else!