Small Changes That Should Make Life Easier User. Or Not.

A little over six months since the last change of the layout Orkut, the social network has released today for all new users but discrete design modifications. Unlike the previous one, the new presentation of the site is not as dramatic as well, being restricted only to some new buttons with old functions and better links organization.

According to the orkut blog it was done cleaning the old design in order to make it more like the other products Google.

As always, the changes are already being criticized negatively and positively by users. In a search quickly on Twitter the words ‘Orkut’ and ‘new’, often seen phrases containing expressions such as ‘did not like’, ‘again?’, ‘It bag’ and ‘aff’. Few in number but also noticeable are those who liked the redesign, praising saying that ‘now it’s acceptable,’ ‘that’s cool’ and miguxo nothing ‘that fofis’.

And you use Orkut? Likes oa change the buttons or not stink or smell?