Smartwatch, 50% of the Market to Apple Watch

According to research firm IDC, over the next four years Apple will sell part of its market share of the smartwatch to other platforms such as Android Wear, Tizen and Pebble OS. Since the launch of Apple’s Watch, the Cupertino company has reached a share of 75.5% in the last quarter.

IDC predicts that WatchOS in 2016 will fall to 49.4% to 37.6% in 2020 touch. The research firm estimates that global shipments of wearable reaches 237.1 million units in 2020, up from the 110 million estimated for 2016.

The decline in market share Apple Watch will not result in a drop in sales since an estimated 14 million units sold 31 million in 2016 and 2020. According to combined data from IDC and Strategy Analytics, Apple would sell around 11.5 million Apple Watch over the last 8 months of 2015.

IDC predicts that Android Wear remains in 2016 the second platform operation regarding the smartwatch with 6.1 million units sold and 21.4% market share rising to 28.8 million units sold and a market share of 35% by 2020.

Finally, IDC believes that the smartwatch from China using real-time operating systems (RTOS) will occupy the third place with a market share of 10.1% by 2020. Tizen, Android, Linux and Pebble OS complete the list with an estimated 6.6%, respectively, 5.2%, 2.8% and 2.7 percent of the market by 2020.