Smoky Quartz Jewelry The Soft Brown

From the quartz family with the hardness, the smoky quartz is mapped to 7 Mohs. There are very dark brown, smoky or medium-brown clear colour varieties. There are also black crystals (Morion) under the smoke crystals.

The emergence of a smoke quartz (also very dark crystals) took place under big heat, strong sunlight, millions of years ago. Location of particularly beautiful specimens are known today from the United States, Australia, South America, and from the Alps. The ancient peoples gegehrten the smoky quartzes just like crystals, he was as well known in Greek and Roman culture. The ancient Greeks thought smoke crystals were grown mountain crystals. In ancient Rome, the stone of mourning was held, which should assist in achieving new will and zest for life. In the Arab world, you saw the smoky quartz stone of loyalty and friendship. He would stain even with impending doom.

It is said to strengthening bones and joints of the smoky quartz as a healing stone, also he should have positive impact for the stomach and the heart. As well, it should help grieving people more zest for life and prevent suicidal thoughts.

A beautiful pendant made from smoky quartz jewelry in soft Brown about a bright blouse is definitely in a great eye-catcher. Here you will find pieces of jewellery at low prices, good quality and variety of beautiful smoky Quartz.

Scale and Steinbockgeborene could benefit from this beautiful gemstone.

Smoky quartz in silver a Brown gemstone?


Yes. Smoky quartz is easy to see in jewelry, smoky quartz ring. On the one hand due to its color: Brown sometimes up in the black immediately, on the other hand, because it often occurs in unusual cuts. The smoky quartz is often in silver extraordinary about this gemstone is also, he often handled outside the usual pieces of jewelry. So, smoky quartzes in artistic figures, statues, obelisks and even in vaults in churches are processed. Smoky quartz or also Morion is a colored version of the mineral Quartz. This is a simple Silicon oxide in the Silicon in the ratio is one to two for oxygen. Of pure quartz, there are many color varieties and as many crystals caused by inclusions. Quartz is the second most common mineral on Earth.


Smoky quartz rings


The colors among others due to admixtures of aluminium, lithium and sodium. The smoky quartz is dyed by natural or artificial gamma radiation smoked (Brown) to black (Morion). The gamma beam verursachen grid defects or color centers, thereby incur beautiful smoky quartz rings. With natural radiation, radioactive minerals or elements that are around in the rocks, are responsible for the emergence of color. Granite is often surrounded by rock of Crystal. To determine the true color of smoke quartz, you should consider him under natural light, because he developed a completely different colour under fluorescent or energy-saving lamps. Smoky quartz makes out like all crystals, trigonale crystals. More trigonal Keystone oedisch, i.e. such crystals are physically composed of several trapezoidal surfaces. Since quartz is a very typical representative of this crystal form, even an untrained eye can learn quite quickly identify crystals. The smoky quartz is the transparency transparent up back to opaque.


Smoky quartz earrings


Also shines smoky quartz as glass on the Prism faces of the crystals. He has rather fat shine on fresh fracture surfaces. With a Mohs hardness of 7, the smoky quartz belongs to the harder minerals. Although crystals, including smoky quartz, occur worldwide, so this mineral mainly in Madagascar, the United States, Brazil, and the Switzerland is mined. Brazil worldwide being the largest supplier of smoky quartz, because there are the major mining areas. In the United States that is “Pikes Peak area” in Colorado a popular reduction area. From there, the most beautiful smoky Quartz are earrings.


The name of the smoky quartz


The smoky quartz is named due to its predominantly smoky brown color. The use of the name Morion for very dark stones goes back to antiquity. It is based on Pliny (27 BCE until 79 AD), a Roman naturalist and historian, this mineral in its encyclopedia “Naturalis historia” called “mormorion”. But the smoke quartz international has still other names. Obvious, yet the name is JayZ quartz from English. Due to its Brown coloration, it is traded quartz partly also in Brown. The Cairngorn is a widely used variant of the name. The name arose after a locality of smoke quartz in Scotland, the Cairngorn mountains. Occasionally, the smoky quartz is called also Colorado diamond. Because the quartz has nothing to do but so pure with diamonds, the name actually only serves to appear more valuable to the smoky quartz and may be more expensive to dispose of.


Smoke quartz ring

The use of smoke quartz dates back to ancient times. Seal of smoky quartz used in ancient Rome. They were very popular. You then mastered the technique of inserting very well, so you could make up figures and busts by warriors or major politicians from smoky quartz and insert following into other stones. When gems were worked, smoky quartzes is very popular. Gems are cut semi-precious stones or gems. “Gemma” comes from the Latin and meant as much as bud or gem. The stone is used also in this processing afterwards somewhere else. That’s why he handled gladly as smoky quartz pendant.


The smoky quartz and astrology


For millennia, the smoky quartz is closely associated with astrology. Often it is mapped to the zodiac sign Capricorn (22.12.-20.01.). That is not uniform but globally, since this assignment is very old and popular, the smoky quartz was not everywhere on Earth at the same time. Similarly, the association with the Sun as Planet Rock. This classification is based on thousands of years old Indian horoscopes. Like a multitude of other gems, also of smoky quartz as a healing stone has its importance. It is fundamentally no matter whether he rough around the edges in the natural state or ground or Tumble stone is used as a. Tumble stones are small, loose, polished gems, which are in many places quite cheap to buy it. The contact with the skin is important for the effect of smoke quartz and this is simply more comfortable with polished stones.


The mysticism and psychology


The smoky quartz has a positive effect on our psyche. In principle, its application leads to a safe, positive attitude to life. In stress-inducing situations, he ensures balance and helps us to respond calmly. It is said that he can separate the ratio of the people well by the emotions, therefore it is possible with his help, to judge things more clearly and above all more realistic. To have the full effect of smoke quartz, you should make a smoky quartz in each hand and alternately open your hands, and close. Physical suffering is said to great effect in relieving neck strain of smoky Quartz. He can alleviate in particular resulting headaches. But also for pain which are caused by other, tense muscles, it can help. Probably also from this Grundwird it often with back problems applied. Usually helps even a gentle massage with smoky quartz stones. For these reasons in affecting our psyche, it strengthens also our nervous system. What is extraordinary is that he should protect from harmful rays and man appreciates his commitment to the relief of radiation damage. In the teaching of energy flow, the smoky quartz is attributed to the root chakra, since he has a calming effect. The root chakra is the elemental chakra. It rooted the whole people.


The energy of the smoky quartz


The smoky quartz will bring peace in our energy field and thus symbolically leads to a quiet, safe level. Can be also gemstone water with smoke crystals. To do this, two or three tumbled range. The smoky quartz with rock crystal is to combine well. Setting of water is, however, necessarily pay attention to the authenticity of the stones. Smoky quartz in the hand is held or applied on the skin, it should be cleaned from time to time. This ranges generally lukewarm water, rainwater, better yet. You should forgo SOAP and other cleaning agents. Charged is preferred in the evening or morning approximately once per month, our smoky quartz in a sunbathing session. The smoky quartz met today in many different jewelry pieces. For women, it is often processed in the form of small polished stone necklaces or bracelets. The bevelled edge for the smoky quartz is preferred. But also in literature, particularly in historical novels, one may encounter the smoky Quartz. Because he often describes the jewelry of noblemen or rulers often in the form of opulent Mr. rings. So, the smoky quartz is mentioned even today as a gemstone, is typically associated with the man, which is probably due to its dark colouration. The primary association with the male gender, the ladies can smile today sure only lenient…



It comes off almost none of the well-known brands of jewelry without the smoky Quartz. No matter whether Toyo-Yamamoto, Angel Rufer, Pandora, Skagen, Cartier, Tiffany & Co all use it. For the smoked quartz is clear and affordable even in a sumptuous size