Snapdragon Wear W2100 For Smartwatches

The previous Smartwatches with Android Wear had all integrated an inappropriate processor because either it was the Snapdragon 400 chip, which was designed for smartphones and tablets, or it was an ancient TI chip as in the first Moto 360. From the new Year this could drastically change, especially as regards the size of the clocks and also the recharge times. Snapdragon Wear W2100 is the latest chip to provide.

Qualcomm has thus presented the first real platform for cheap smartwatches, which need a little more power due to a complex operating system. Perfect for Android Wear . Nevertheless, the new chip is to be significantly smaller and therefore needs 30% less space than the previously installed platforms, and also promises a 25% lower energy consumption.

Smaller Android Wear watches that have a longer battery life. Or the watches remain the same size and the manufacturers use the gained space for even more battery. That’s why we will not be able to see any Android Wear watches that last a whole week without a socket, but we are getting a little closer.

Qualcomm expects first watches with the new chip in the second half of the year.