So Are The New Icons Adaptive of Android or Coming The Normalization and The Effects!

Android or will end one of these design problems that Google’s operating system had been dragged since its launch in 2008: the icons of the applications.

Designing each developer and manufacturer as I wanted the icon of its applications respecting the maximum and minimum, dimensions with square icons, with round icons, corners rounded, triangular or in any way.

This lack of standardization affecting the harmony of the drawer of applications, which saw a list of applications of different sizes and shapes, problem that many users of iOS used to criticize to Android, but luckily from its future version we say goodbye from it.

Icons that fit your design to the device interface

Google will bring the standardization of icons to Android with new Adaptive icons. These icons they will adapt their shape Depending on the interface of the device application launcher for the manufacturing or the user.

Icons consist of two layers

Application developers will have now to create your icons with two layers. A first layer circular with the logo of their application and a second layer with the background of the application.

The manufacturer and / or application launcher is already responsible for trimming the background with a mask layer to show all the icons with the same design, as they are square, circular or rounded corners.

Manufacturers and developers can create effects


The be icons consisting of two layers, developers and manufacturers can take advantage of to create animations When the user presses an icon, drag it or move the drawer of applications or home screen.