Sony Opens a Beta Program for Android Nougat a Xperia X Performance Users

Sony founded its beta program last year for the Sony Xperia Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact for users to test Android Marshmallow before everyone else. That program ended a few weeks ago having version refined enough to release it to the public with the less possible bugs.

But Sony has continued to open beta programs, and continues on it’s face to Android Nougat. This time the beneficiaries are the owners of a Sony Xperia X Performance, that will enjoy the new version of Android, which has not yet seen the light, before other users, that Yes, in beta phase.

At this same time, Sony is looking for people to test Android 7 in Portugal, Iceland, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Spain. So, in our country those who have Xperia X Performance can sign up. If you’re one of them and want to enter the program, hurry because places are limited.

To sign up for the beta program for Android 7.0 only will need to download the Xperia Beta Program application (obviously Xperia X performance in this case) and register. After a few days, When you accept, you will receive an e-mail saying that you are inside and the additional instructions, If any.