Sony Will Not Think of USB Type-C in The Short Term for Their Devices Xperia

The new standard USB Type-C will little by little conquering new devices, but in the world of smartphones its implementation appears to be slower than would be expected.

In fact, a large manufacturer like Sony does not arise at the moment its inclusion on the Xperia range devices, tablets or smartphones, because they believe that the adoption of a new standard connector type should be a certain time.

Takeshi Nitta, program manager at Sony Mobile, who explained to the Japanese company has too much sense being one of the first manufacturers to adopt a new connector that is not yet well established in the market has confirmed it.

To illustrate this idea, he added then an empirical example citing to the Sony Xperia Z3 + – new flagship of the Japanese firm-, that despite the reduction in the new Type-C USB form factor It could not have been or thinner or lighter by adopting the new connector.

Nitta has continued claiming that other are components that have more weight when designing an ultra-thin smartphone, as the camera module or the components of the screen, which is where Sony is putting its resources.

The new USB Type-C, if you don’t know what the heck are dealing, is a new USB connector with reversible form factor, and that next technology standard USB 3.1 is able to deliver more power and higher speed data transfers, as well as add support for HDMI or DisplayPort video outputs.