Sony Xperia E Test

Uncompromising cheap? Not quite. But the Android mini Xperia E Sony has in the test to provide what – and the price is right.

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It is also chic, the small Xperia E. Who wants to spend not much money and to Sony’s entry-level Smartphone attacks must not about bashfully hide. Perfectly processed the Android device with the striking switch stylistically builds on its more expensive Xperia colleagues – and shows your strengths.

So you can take off, for example, the soft-touch back and the battery Exchange – so that Sony’s top device Xperia cannot serve Z. That an optional memory card must also be under the hood, is indeed inconvenient for frequent changes, but no problem if you want to primarily expand internal memory.

Red pin on the camera

Display and operating elements of the handy model are all small. After the receipt of new messages, a light-emitting diode strives for attention, with little success: oblique views of the Smartphone on the table, the flashing is hard to see since you have to look very closely, if you want to Miss nothing.

The laterally protruding circular main switch to express themselves, however, well, handling the volume rocker and the photo shutter button go just yet in order.

Speaking of which: The 3-megapixel camera must do without LED light; not too low light you can help in the preview image with manual exposure compensation. A second camera for video calls is missing.

The display has to inclusions, which lead to a weak contrast ratio at high brightness. The resolution of 320 x 480 pixels is practical at 3.5 inches.

The small format is although not suitable for rendering complex Web pages, most sites offer one anyway for mobile browser-optimized view. Demand also the keyboard help stops responding when surfing: in Internet addresses, it proposes domain extensions instead of the usual word completion.

Walkman plays big

The small device ensures great pleasure with its music player which is called Sony in good tradition “Walkman”. The interface shows the current and subsequent titles, in cover flow look what looks cute. The beats reinforced the equalizer with fixed profiles or by individual mix.

Who often listens to music with the Smartphone, should also take a look at “smart connect” throw. The app will be activated in connection of accessories or at certain times, starts the Walkman or the radio on request when plugging in the headphones or pops up when loading the clock. With time-controlled radio breaks, you can conserve battery power so even at night. The defined end was however not always up-to-the-minute maintained in the test.

Forcing the advanced energy management is not necessary, because the little one is an energy giant: held In the endurance test of strong battery in mixed use of media, Internet and five and a half hours. Chatterboxes calls the D – and E network ten to twelve hours with good sound.

Conclusion: Good result

As a result, the Xperia does well cut off E. Sony lists the Androids for 179 euro in the colors black, white and pink. Not feisty enough? Then, the variant Xperia like maybe E dual for two SIM cards in gold – or even black. In free trade, have both already for less than 150 euros.