Sportmax Carte Blanche

Sportmax presented the new edition of the capsule collection “Carte Blanche”, this time the special guest of the collection is the talented Lola Montes Schnabel, an artist of many facets that engages in the field of fashion, but not as a designer, but as an artist. Lola Montes Schnabel has created drawings to watercolors following his very free style and glamor, then Sportmax these designs printed on silk, emphasizing the dreamlike and chic mood of these works.

Lola Montes Schnabel is an artist 31 years old, a citizen of the world who loves to travel and be inspired by the places you visit and trying to live without limitations and constraints. The collection “Carte Blanche” Lola Montes Schnabel consists of a few accessories offered in limited edition, we have a top , a bag and three scarves for a total of 1,000 pieces, of course, are already going like hot cakes! the capsule collection “Carte Blanche” Lola Montes Schnabel is something new and original, suitable for those who love to wear special garments and leave a mark, in us and in whom shall they see me. with regard to the collaboration with Sportmax Lola said: “Just Sportmax asked me to participate in their project” Carte Blanche “I agreed: I was already working on these watercolors and the design team of the fashion house saputi turn them into clothing.

It really like the effect that make my work printed on silk This material gives them a great fluidity, that is perfectly suited to the content, related to the theme of metamorphosis based on EntertainmentDNS. I think it’s important to let their imaginations run wild, open to the imagination and I, I do not do political art or conceptual, I want to invite people to “feel” constantly that surrounds it. Personally all suggests to me art: movies, poetry, ordinary people, nature. “Browse the gallery and dive into these wonderful watercolors.