Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

This spring and summer 2016 is the lingerie look one of the major trends. Do not worry, that does not mean that you run around in your underwear. It means that you combine a sophisticated look with sexy parts. Which parts I write at all and how you wear it best, I’ll tell you like.

The Lingerie Look: Lingerie for Above Upon it

Lingerie denotes a fine underwear consisting of ruffles, silk, lace, satin and other fabrics and romantic details. Klei least you’re in lingerie look, it means nothing else that you are wearing dresses or tops large sizes which, remember. Some parts exude a retro charm, because they are based on the French boudoir style of the last and next to last century. What used to be the burlesque and vaudeville dancers have worn, are you wearing in a modern variant.

The most important thing about plus size lingerie look is play with your charms. How far are you going there, depends on your personal taste. Your femininity and your curves are completely in the foreground in this large sizes look. For this look, for example, flowing tops with lace or laces are at the neckline, satin dresses, corsages, semitransparent blouses with ruffles, tops with a low-cut back or corsages. Most the Lingerie Part in Nude- or pastel colors are designed, but also black and white suitable for this style.

With Tips For an Everyday Lingerie Look

  • Combine different styles: Set Style breaker in order to attenuate the effect of the lingerie looks or strengthen. A lace dress with transparent inserts acts with high heels quite different with rustic Boots.
  • Use quality clothing: In order for the XXL lingerie look does not look cheap, but noble, I advise you to parts with a good quality. Although these cost a bit more, but look even after prolonged wearing of still good.
  • Carrying Shape Wear, if you fell in love in a satin dress with lace and ruffle trim, for example. This is convenient, but gives you still a beautiful female form. Under the delicate dress thus distinguished from any excess fat.
  • Alltagstauglich the lingerie look is only in combination with casuals and other eye-catchers. When complete outfit lingerie items are very hazardous and can see women of great, who have a strong sense of fashion confidence.

Now I Would Like to Mention a Few Examples of How You Stylst a Lingerie Look

  • An Oversize ruffle top with deep neckline looks classy with a black blazer waisted, from the peeps the tip of your tops. With this combination, you should make it that your bra does not also emerging. These daytime fits a narrow Plus Size Jeans with heels or ballet flats. In the evening you wear to a pencil skirt and cute peep toes.
  • The XXL lace dress simply perfect with a leather jacket and boots. Something feminine acts of elegant look with boots or heels and a blazer.
  • ARose colored top made ​​of satin you wear with your favorite jeans and sneakers or under your business suit.
  • Absolutely sexy is at chubby women with curves and much bosom corsage, you can also carry up over it now. The corsage has the advantage that it supports your tummy and adds a plump cleavage. Either you combine the style crusher your jeans to a skirt or in the same or harmonious color. When you use a jacket XXL bolero jacket or a short blazer.

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