Stagefright Not Infected Any Device According to The Director of Security of Android

The most important security flaw was discovered in 2015 to date of Android. More than one billion devices were infected with the already famous vulnerability of Stagefright that Google soon will solve, but all alarms jumped because millions of devices would never receive the patch.

As well, almost two years after the Director of Android security, Adrian Ludwig, has declared that as of today There are no confirmed cases of infections caused by the vulnerability of Stagefright.

In all this time no device has been infected with malicious code inserted into mp3 or mp4 files to be attacked by pirates who could take complete control of the device remotely.

Google always removed importance to security bugs than for time in when are discovered but which will quickly solving it with monthly patches. On the other hand security and antivirus companies always have exaggerated these security failures to sell their products.

In the case of Stagefright, fortunately has been a vulnerability that has not been used, although it should be clarified that Adrian Ludwig only refers to devices that use the services Google Play, What are outside most Chinese devices or Fire of Amazon products.

Adrian Ludwig recalls using the verifier of Android apps already we have our very protected against malicious applications device.