Starting The Pedaling

To start pedaling, the first step is to prepare “You” and your “Equipment”. This will shorten your period of suffering and will give you more “Comfort”and”Safety.” And then, we raise some questions: Where? When? With whom?

Preparing You-Own pedal clothing helps you well. A”Shirt”with pockets, where you can carry accessories and”Supplementation” for your pedal (Carbohydrates, energy, etc). The “Bermuda” Gel helps you the discomfort of sitting in”saddle” for a long period.”Helmet” and “Glove” in case of some fall, avoids abrasions.”Glasses” prevents insects, dust or any other problem that causes you to lose sight momentarily.

Preparing your Equipment-If you do not already have a bike, there are many cities that you find the Rental service, to test the “Sport”. If you choose to buy, there are some categories of Bike: Speed, Mountain Bike and Downhill. The Speed ​​are lighter, thinner bikes used to practice speed on clean lanes (streets and highways). Mountain Bike are bikes with more structure, to withstand uneven terrain with obstacles (stone, hole, etc). Downhill is a heavier Mountain Bike, with a more complete Shock Absorber structure, for the practice of mountain ranges. After choosing your style, go to a specialized store to buy equipment according to your height, so that it fits perfectly in you.

Where, When and With Whom-Start pedaling in less crowded places such as Parks, Cycle Tracks or in your neighborhood until you improve your balance and reflex techniques. Ideally, in the beginning, you should check your city if there is any Beginner Pedal Support group, as these people will help you in your first challenges. If you do not find it, invite some people to start the Group. Avoid pedaling alone, as you may have a safety problem or risk of accident and being accompanied is easier to solve if it occurs. If you are to do “Night Pedal” use Headlight and Lantern on your bike, to have better vision and also to facilitate its visualization by others that are traveling the way with suggestion of