Stockings and Pantyhose in the Life of Women

Stockings and pantyhose worn with high heels and combined with beautiful dresses or skirts are not only an absolute eye-catcher but also an indispensable and elegant element of every dress.Just like the underwear they are among the top hits in the fetish area and contribute to our self confidence.

Today, many women wear trousers more and more, replacing the stockings and pantyhose.Numerous surveys and, of course, our own observations, nothing fights the imagination of our men more than the breathed promise of legs in pantyhose and stockings.

I would like to take you a little bit into the history of the pantyhose based on information from Fowlervillereviews.

The privilege of wearing socks in the XVI century was first only with our men.Only later did the women follow the example of the English queen Elizabeth and dare to wear socks.For many centuries the fashion-conscious women decorated their stockings with loops and precious stones.In 1938, the company DuPont developed a novelty and enriched the world around the well-known nylon stockings.

This rarity led to women standing in queues at the department stores to get the coveted nylon stockings.Ladies from the province also took long journeys to buy beautiful stockings in the big cities.During the Second World War the stocking production was stopped.Creative and desperate women were using simple pencils to conjure up a tempting stocking sock on their legs.

In the 1960s stockings gained more and more popularity.Mary Quant reduced the length of the skirt, the rock’n’roll movement contributed to it, and “Spandex” caused a further revolution in the stocking industry with its particularly elastic threads.Exactly during this time were also invented our pantyhose.Thanks to the use of Spandex by DuPont in 1959 (Lycra), stockings and pantyhose became very comfortable, very elastic and stable.Since the 1960s this element of the ladies’ wardrobe has become one of the most elegant and refined accessories.

But what are the most important rules of wearing socks?

  1. Stockings and pantyhose in darker tones lengthen visually the legs and make them narrower.In contrast the light tones whereby legs are shorter.And please do not make the mistake.White stockings to wear!Only brides or nurses are allowed to do this!To wear light-colored clothes you should wear skin-colored stockings.
  2. Stockings with embellishment look good only with high heels.And certainly not with ballerinas!
  3. Cheap tights often have strong seams that are visible through the clothes.Choose your tights best without a seam or with very shallow seams.They can be worn under even a light chiffon dress.
  4. Transparent sock stockings are suitable for ladies with straight legs.Care must be taken to place the seam in the middle of the center!
  5. Stockings in combination with sandals is taboo !!!
  6. Large prints on the stockings make your legs visually thicker.Choose your stockings with subtle prints.
  7. Matte tights do not fit to a young woman. They just look too strict.
    8. High quality products also often smell much better. Each manufacturer uses its own special flavor.
  8. It is best to use hand wash at 30 degrees for stockings.Thus this long time makes pleasure.
  9. “The most impractical dresses and the lightest shoes, the most delicate hats and the thinnest stockings are most elegant” – said Simone de Beauvoir.
  10. Please avoid wrinkles on your stockings, it looks very untidy!
  11. Do not forget!Stockings and pantyhose make you much more feminine.This is only the privilege of women.And your husband or admirer will not tell you that food is too salty if you serve him with stockings.
  12. Stockings or pantyhose?Even when women wear sock-like stockings under their clothes, even in our time of the garter belt is not a self-evident accessory as it was in the 60s.Today, it is used rather as a seduction than as part of the erotic wardrobe.On the other hand, women can wear self-supporting stockings or tights on every occasion.