Strip Shows:10 Tips on How to Use Strappy Bra

That old story to hide the BRA under your clothes is out of fashion. The trend now is to use and abuse the Bras bra strappy model, with strips and geometric designs in the regions of the back and/or bust. The handles can have different thickness (thick or thin) and they are the ones who make the play to become the strong point of the look when you wear this type of top.

First tip: be confident

Like the strappy bra is a sexy and modern piece, the first step for those who wish to join the new fashion is to feel safe with the look. Wear what makes you feel good!

Second Tip: you dare in the combinations

There are different ways to use the piece: you can have all the shows, cropped style (a combination of the top with a long skirt high waist is perfect!), with “hucksters” who are dug on the sides (can be combined with shorts and pants destroyed, forming a look more street wear), under dresses and blouses with deep cleavage (either on the back or bust), with pieces that have transparencies (as informal shirts), monkeys (they’re super trendy) and under blazers or jackets. In addition, the model has already been incorporated even in swimwear, bikinis and swimsuits swaging.

Third Tip: adapt to the occasion

Like the strappy bra is a piece that gives an air of sexiness for the woman, it is necessary to adapt to the situation. For traditional occasions which require a dress code such as job interviews or formal parties, the play is not indicated. To leisure or situations of everyday life, the piece is perfect!

Fourth Tip: pay attention to your body

There are different models of strappy bra and ideal for your friend may not be the nicest model for you. For example, women with large breasts are best with a little thicker handles (which give support) and darker colors (such as black and gray lead). To the small breasts, who wish to volume, the ideal is to bet on textures, prints and vibrant colors. In the case of women with broad shoulders, is better than the cops are toward the center of the body. Who are already overweight should avoid cops in the region of the abdomen, concentrating on the details in the region of the neck.

Thursday Tip: choose the right size

Something essential for a look that reach good result is to buy the piece with the correct numbering. If the strappy bra tight can mark the “love handles” between the strips. If you have any questions between sizes, try more than one to make sure what’s right for you.

Friday Tip: less is more!

The strappy bra must be the star’s look, so no use parts that steal the attention. In this case less is more! Very showy or large, as necklaces or earrings, maxi maxi can be disproportionate and pollute the look. At the time of the combinations, focus on strips bra and bet on minimalist accessories!

Seventh Tip: think of the clothes you already have in the wardrobe

Before you go shopping check out your closet, to know what pieces it is possible to combine the strappy bra. Try several until you find the models that most adapts to your style! The ideal is to experiment with the parts you already have in your closet and create a variety of looks with this undeniable it part of the time.

Eighth hint: Seek inspiration

Several famous are stylish, fans seek inspiration for looks on social networks, mainly the Instagram. The top Gisele Bundchen (@gisele) used the tendency in the parade of São Paulo Fashion Week 2015. The singer Manu Gavassi (@manugavassi) is also adept in the play and always appears with different combinations.

9th Tip: Customize!

If you cannot find the strappy bra you were looking for you can buy a simple cropped (or even a bra) and customize it, just use elastic the same color of the play and bet on handicrafts.

Tenth Tip: Dite sets!

Despite the strappy bra get better in certain combinations (as with races dug, cited above) don’t be afraid to create your own way of using it. The Buzzword is: attitude!

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