Striped Skirt:Versatile and Super Stylish

Striped clothes never go out of fashion. Sailor or footprint is in black and white, stripes are always present, both in the more casual looks, when in more elaborate.

With the arrival of the warm seasons, one of the trends with this pattern are the skirts. And as the mixture of styles take care of fashion nowadays, the play becomes even more versatile and easy to combine.

Tight skirt

One of the models that is super high are the skirts striped tights. They bounce off right hip region and normally are waist high. The length of the skirt can be short-before the knee-or midi-a little below the knee.

In addition to the classic black and white, you find other shades of stripes for a change. Blue, red, Orange, anyway, there’s no shortage of options.

Time to assemble the look, you can opt for a casual look, combining the skirt with a basic blouse or even a t-shirt. In fact, the combination skirt + t-shirt emblazoned gives super right and if you end with a tennis then, modernity.

If the option is a more elaborate production, bet on blouses of fine fabrics such as lace and satin and in high heels. You can’t miss this match, it’s very classic.

Other options

As stripes are super well, you surely you will find other options for skirts with this pattern. Balonês, long, pleated, anyway, every model of skirt that you know you can find in the striped option.

To combine, will depend on a lot of the skirt, but a general tip about looks with skirts is that if she’s fair, a wider blouse balances the visual. And vice versa.

Don’t be afraid, also, to mix social parts with informal clothes. This gives a nice touch to the visual, it’s worth it.

Combining stripes

Some people say that when you use a striped outfit has to choose a basic piece to match, like in black or white. Or, you have to choose one of the colors of the stripes. It’s not a lie, that’s right Yes, but you can mix a little more.

Although not a play lisa, striped clothes is very basic, it’s not like other prints that look and ask for a care in time to match. If they are in neutral colors, is even easier, because almost any tom’s work. If they are in stronger colors, you can still venture out for different tones. This will create a relaxed and can go over too well.

I could tell that the list is very easy to incorporate the look. In addition, you can choose if you are going to use for the day to day or to level on the night.

Then play with the stripes without fear, abuse of colors and create a look that is your man!