Sugden LA 4 & MPA 4 in the Test

Sugden is flexing the precursor LA 4 together with two mono blocks. Where are the advantages compared to a power amplifier, we have tested.

Although the based company Sugden can look back in the Middle English town of Kent on a past history of about 50 years, closest in prepress LA 4 for 2,850 euro not with current fashion accessories. The stainless steel rings pressed in the centimeter-thick, gray Cannon (gungrey) aluminium front, which comprises the full metal buttons give you even a special charm. Even if it except a / off and tape monitor, as well as source and level election is not really much to use.

Prepress Sugden LA 4

Teflon-insulated and individually with the steel rear wall screwed cinch connectors, however not less than five high level inputs are available. In addition a Fixpegel-In and a tape. The very professional-looking XLR contacts (Switchcraft brand) are used at the LA 4 not only for decoration, as well as with many competitors.

To really enjoy the benefits of balanced connections, Sugden built 4 fairly complex extra amplifier stages in the LA. You take the signal comers with IC’s and plus and minus formations in reception composed numerous transistors. Thanks to a lively electronic exchange between the two sides, single-cycle noise sugar be unmasked mercilessly and banished forever in the lockup.

All the more proud, the refined music signal marches continue to subdue then – as well as the RCA foot soldiers – the Alps level control . Iterate through all following, surrounded by gold-plated circuit board paths and constructed from a variety of electrolytic capacitors and Stabi-step counter clock steps. After the development of strength with core power transistors, the signals may be all from and to name a few. If it goes towards XLR-Out, also an ambitious advanced comes training in Symmtrier-amps to the vibrations.

No wonder that the MPA monoblocks have 4 only symmetrical Switchcraft-Ins. And that it then enspechend goes inside the high Open-mindedness, tank-like gun-gray boxes. Teflon coax lead right and left to two independent amplifiers for the plus and the minus displacement offset by 180 degrees.

So elaborately expected the much less expensive Audreal integrated amplifier does not work. But, in circuit details, there are similarities. So the heat transistors from power source before circles supported two 26-ohm resistors. Impact on their connection point (and not “about everything” on the amplifier input) a fixed ultra current feedback back.

(Korrgierte only in case of emergency) total current is then briefly angebunden further lifted, until a Quartet of similarly sized Sankens, the not only power, but also by good heat dissipation features, via WBT-terminal a speaker polarity turn to can. The Dropped Quartet of the second amplifier acquires the other pole. Both amps make a bridge configuration, the a-bar troublemakers eliminated (their voltages add up to zero). The relatively large strokes of the reverse-bar feed, however, produces more voltage, current and power.

Hearing test

Despite the obvious benefits of their Mono Extras Sugden precursor had to prove initially in a number of other power amplifier. While she characterized, on the one hand by peace spatial depth and a clean plastic figure. And on the other by a fierce determination, tender like violent impulses to maintain their elasticity.

Not so easy, even the working stage had to K 5 XE of a Ayre admit (3,800 euros). What up out more offered this to Blumigkeit and flair, repeated out promptly the Englishwoman with straight lines and clear tickendem rhythm . Whether symmetrical or coaxial bound: the LA 4 was always fair and square and stable. She forbade themselves any tendency towards the own sound vanity. So the Sugden distinguished himself undoubtedly despite their hand applicable price of 2,850 euros as a “large” precursor. As expected, the 9,400-euro Mono blocks of West Yorkshirer transformed company, who sold to Musifreunde, mid-60s of the last century world first Mals class-A amplifiers in similar footsteps.

And how to convert them there! Who it believes that a fierce drumbeat consists of one more or less dry “Tock”, should efforts be sure times these MPAs. Since then the drummer sets once a concentrated expression, to – just aim while he raises his hand. After swishing the Schlegel in straight, continuous line down. -to first rummage in the coat, before the Tommelkorpus to the Rumore can be lifted.

Summa Summarum makes it thus twice as much fun to listen through to Z as a “Jazz for Japan” by A. How about a walking bass marches and marches and marches and instead of tiring sometime, all of a sudden triumph the reins pulls shorter. Other musicians thanked wen the MPA 4 liberated them from inferior amps. Whether singer, violinist, brass, pianists, all joined in the song: that Sugden gives pomp and circumstance you – without having to cheating in the least -.