Suitable For The Day Of The Watermelon: The Hottest Looks From Dirty Dancing!

“I have worn a watermelon.”-When, today, on 3 August, the International Day of the Watermelons, could this sentence from the 80s cult film Dirty Dancing hit the bull’s eye?

We take today’s “Wassermelonen-Tag” as an occasion to take the look of the film, which is the legendary quotation, more fashionable times under the magnifying glass! The styles from “Dirty Dancing” are also extremely popular in the 28th year after the “Kinostart” of the cult band-on the one hand, because the 80s, in which Dirty Dancing became the “long-awaited film” of a whole generation, Always in a refreshing new edition. On the other hand, because the look of Baby and Johnny, whose love story is told in Dirty Dancing, cool summer outfits currently heated up!

Frances “Baby” Houseman (played by Jennifer Gray) is still capable of stammering when she is a sexy dance teacher, Johnny Castle (legendary: Patrick Swayze), “I have worn a watermelon” A party who babies unauthorized visits to dance. What baby, apart from the watermelon, still carries, is in this key scene a simple, slightly exposed striped carrier dress, which could be one at one so in your wardrobe hanging! Pastel colors, with a waist-filling belt and knee-length, it is the ideal basic for a casual, feminine summer wardrobe. Flat ballerinas give baby’s outfit an even more girlish touch. Dress and shoes, maybe combined with a baby-knitted cardigan and the perfect look for a relaxing trip to the lake, a summer stroll or even a day at the office!

Dirty Dancing has a lot more summer clothes combinations, which could not be more current!We’ll show you how to get a new look at the Dirty Dancing-Style for the day of the Wassermelone!

Dirty Dancing-Cult Looks That Have Fashionable Trend Potential!

Baby spends the holidays with her parents and her sister in a holiday resort – the outfits she carries in Dirty Dancing are consistently more than holiday-friendly, because they consist largely of clever combined basics : tank tops, T-shirts, jeans shorts , A simple summer dress, light blouses, a wide swinging skirt, as well as shoes like ballerinas and fabric lace-ups, which can be combined well: What is found in babies’ suitcases is the perfect base for individual combos that are uncomplicated and always Can be modified. With accessories such as jewelery or bags, you can give the Dirty Dancing look that has been taken back a little more and more into your styles.

The Most Popular Key Looks From Dirty Dancing

If You Look At Dirty Dancing From A Trend Perspective, You Can See All The Movie Minutes Actuality:

Tummy-free: Crop tops in shortened length as well as knotted tops (shirts, tank tops, blouses or shirts) are currently very popular. Belly slippers à la Baby do not only fit to sporty and summery looks, but can also be elegant, eg with a chic skirt or another trend-piece of the season, the Culotte.

Summer pleated dresses: stand out from every type of figure and emphasize femininity by means of flattering pleats, an attractive décolleté and waistcoat. Pretty to the celebration, but also very well-suited to everyday life-the range of clothes ranges from simple to extravagant and can be with ladder accessories, ladylike, sometimes hippiesque, sometimes clean and modern “tuned”.

Soft ice cream & pastel shades like vanilla, peach, mint, rosé or bleu, also combined with each other. The soft shades leave classic colors such as white, gray, nude, beige or black less strict, but also add harmonic accents to trendy neon tones.

Reliable combi and fashionable classics with which you do not really do anything wrong in the summer: Jeansblau (quite relaxed in shorts, trendy as dungarees or as a culotte), as well as basic tops in bright white (eg knotted as in the training scene of baby And Johnny)

Shoes with metallic luster: Whether in ballerinas or sexy stiletto sandals-this summer you can hardly get hotter than with shiny shoes! For those who prefer more casual, choose flat-topped shoes made of textile material-comfortable and super-combinable!

Also clothes from the dance and sports area, eg bodys, bandeau or tank tops, bring a touch of dirty dancing flair in your wardrobe quite uncomplicated.

These and many more Dirty Dancing Styles are true fashionable hits: today as 1987, when the film came to the cinema, the film looks for a relaxed, everyday and changeable style that is suitable for many occasions. Watch the cult film about the love story of Baby and Johnny just once again-maybe a piece of juicy-cool water melons to it and finished is the perfect “summer nightmare” for fashion and film fans!