Summer Bikinis Models

With summer coming, several people are already planning your vacations and holidays for sure look like a beach, hot places, anyway, since it’s summer, so let’s enjoy it. For this reason, we brought 45 2017 Summer Bikinis models for those who will take advantage of the vacation on the beach and you want to take a bath in the pool, take a Sun. Models are different, all to suit the taste of all people. Check out the pictures and choose the model that suits you.

Bikinis models for the summer 2017

The Bikini can be found in several models that meet the needs of all stakeholders. For example, women who are slightly overweight, generally look for bikinis that are wider on the sides, so don’t mark the extra pounds. Skinny women also suffer with the choice of bikini, because some models don’t match the format of the woman’s body and that’s why we’re going to talk a little more about the shape of the body and the perfect bikini for every woman.

Bikinis to disguise pulled and love handles

The main trick is before you buy a bikini, accept your body and buy a bikini in accordance with your number. When choosing for a bikini model, choose those that have stripes on the vertical, both on top as on the bottom, because the stripes cause an illusion of a thinner and more elongated. If you want to buy a bikini without prints or smaller prints, give preference to darker colors that also helps to disguise the extra pounds.

Bikinis for those with big breasts

For women with big breasts, ideally a top bikini model with wider handles in cleavage in the form V. Colors can be dark and if you have prints, they are smaller. When the top is dark, use the bottom part with a more striking color to divert the glances to the middle of the body and help disguise large breasts.

But for those who don’t want to disguise large breasts, the ideal is to use a top to handle the volume. The half cup bra is also a bikini model for those with large breasts, but as long as it is without the pad, just a model to provide support.

Bikinis for those who have small breasts

For those who have small breasts, models with adjustable straps and mooring or with zip in front are the most suitable. Bikinis with details also help to enlarge her breasts, such as sequins, draping, Ruffles, among others. Apparently not, but strapless models provided they are structured, puckers or twisted in the Center, are also excellent for women of small breasts.

2017 Summer bikinis models

For those who want to check out bikini models for the 2017 summer, you can see a few more models that we have selected.

These are some models in bikinis that you can check for the year 2017. Enjoy the tips and stay beautiful for summer.