Summer Blushes

[BLOGPARADE] Hello dear ones! I was very happy about your numerous participation in my last Top 3 round when it came to your favorite Catrice eyeshadow. It was very interesting to see which eyeshadows are quite often in your top 3 again and meanwhile I have, inspired by your contributions, even three more Catrice eyeshadows added.  This time it is – due to the calendar start of summer today – for your top 3 summer Blushes go. As a thank you for your participation, there is also a little to win. For more information and the winners of the last round see below.

My Top 3 // Summer Blushes

In this round, I would like to tell you about your favorite blushes for the summer. Do you have specific color preferences or prefer certain textures? In fact, I have some blushes that I prefer to use in the sunny season.

Rose Gold” by Sleek belongs to the most popular Sleek Blushes ever and I am also very impressed with the beautiful color and the gold glimmer. The gold shimmer is slightly more discreet on the cheeks than the Swatch picture. The pink peach viewer fits in my opinion super into the summer. The Blushes of Sleek are very strongly pigmented. All you need to do is tap the paintbrush gently. They can also be easily blinded. The sleek blushes are about 5 to 6 euros and have a content of 8g. Unfortunately they are only available online in Germany.

Also great for the summer I find the blush  “301” of MNY. The brand used to be at dm, but it is no longer available there. It reminds something of Coralista of Benefit. In contrast to “Rose Gold” it is not so strongly pigmented and the gold glimmer is more subtle. It is a natural freshness in the face.

The last candidate in my Top 3 is  “Dates On Skates” by Essence from the Miami Roller Girl LE last year. The blush with its color range from orange over coral to pink is already visually a visual feast. No wonder it has been very popular. If you mix all the colors together, you will get a nice orange tone, which I like very much for the summer. The blush unfortunately crumbles something, but is very well pigmented, dull and keeps with me for a whole day through without strongly fade.

Here you can see all three blushes: Sleek “Rose Gold”-MNY “301”- Essence “Dates On Skates” (from left to right). “Rose Gold” and “Dates On Skates” you have to dispense a bit sparingly, so you do not look overblushed.

Participation & Small Thanksgiving Competition

If you want to participate in the blog parade, then you can upload the link to your post here.It would be great if you mentioned in your Blogbeitrag the blog parade and linked to it. The parade ends on 4 July, on Friday 5 July it goes to the next round. The logo may be used.

The three Catrice eyeshadows of your choice from the last round has, according to, by the way, won the 17th contest. Congratulations Icke Bin Et.

Also this time there is as a thank you for your participation again a small profit play. I found the Catrice Glamazona LE by chance yesterday and I can secure the  “I Got The Flower!” Blush for you. I’ve already told you about the LE . If you want to participate in the contest, the contest simply mentions in your “My Top 3” entry and writes that you would like to win. The winner will be randomly selected and then posted on the blog in two weeks at the next round.Please note: The opportunity to participate in the competition ends on Wednesday, July 3rd.