Summer Clearance Sales Clothing

The big summer sale here is started. No good summer without ice cream, beautiful girls and nice clothes – and remember that nice girls and great clothes are often linked.

Summer Clothing

Prices are reduced on a host of different products. T-shirts, trousers, shoes, jackets and also accessories such as watches, caps and cardholders. You can simply brush up all the clothes, if that is what you want, but smaller can of course also do it.

Five deals of the most interesting are picked at It is from very subjective point of view, so if you disagree, you are more than welcome to throw in a comment below.

As follows – list of 5 offers from  summer clearance sales, you must not miss!

Here a t-shirt that is set down with a hundred dollars can be seen and have motif at the center. A  motif is a good picture on the somewhat alternative style.


100% cotton tee shirt 

There is nothing like a shopping good time once in a while. Filled with scantily clad ladies, and in true delicious cotton fabric t-shirts is good to have in stock for a delicious day at the beach.




Sat down with 300kr, it is not hard  to consider this shirt here. This shirt is now made in soft and checkered cotton. Just to have on a balmy summer night, in the studio or on a casual tour of the city.

The shirts are some of the most expensive here, so it is with to turn to, when there are specials like here!


Jeans below half price

The jeans here are of very high quality, which is well suited to an urban clothing style. But that kind of cost also, is not exactly the cheapest to fill one’s wardrobe with. But what is cheapest is now and even not always what is best, and that is why the jeans are also very popular. With summer sale you have the opportunity to get a few well below half price!



The above pieces have something in common, that they are very nice, but not all “serious”. A really yummy and very professional-looking cardigan can give you the extra serious expression, which is a good thing to send once in a while too. Are you going to dinner, up to defend an examination paper or go through the city, there is no such thing as a true cardigan.

And when it’s on sale, cardigans here are  for half the price!