Summer Trend: Retro Sunglasses

When the temperatures climb up again and the sun shines, the sunglasses are an indispensable accessory.This summer, you can see retro sunglasses – whether they are round, cat-eye or horn-shaped.In my blog today, I show you the trend around retro sunglasses.

What are retro sunglasses?

The retro-fashion is oriented to the past fashion – including retro sunglasses.Whether with influences of the 20s or 50s – the main feature of retro charm is with it.

There are many models that can be referred to as retro sunglasses.A classic are sunglasses with large round glasses and in the cat eye shape.But also colors and materials can be retro.

Round sunglasses for the retro look

The classic among the retro sunglasses are round glasses – they are especially reminiscent of the seventies and the time of the Boho-Chics . Round sunglasses can be versatile – whether with colored glasses or a conspicuous frame in white or with patterns.

Styling tip: Round sunglasses support your festival look or your outfit in Boho chic.

Retro sunglasses in wood optics

With a lot of retro charm especially thick hornbrillen can convince – this nerd look can be modeled super with glasses in wood optics. Sunglasses from horn or massive frames were already popular in the 1920s – in the 50s and 60s the horns were an indispensable must-have.

Wooden sunglasses cover the retro optics of the horn-goggles, but they turn them into a modern eye-catcher.

Retro Sunglasses: Halbrand Sunglasses & Cat Eye Sunglasses

The retro sunglasses also include sunglasses with a halbrand – this halfling can also be in a striking material such as horn reproduction or wood optics.This is the retro charm and creates a cool & casual look.

Above all, we girls love the retro look of the Cat Eye sunglasses. This type of sunglasses is very feminine and seductive by the imitation of cat eyes. The Cat Eye sunglasses are especially in the 50s and 60s of the fashion hit par excellence!

Styling tip: Cat-Eye sunglasses are perfect for an elegant look – but not only in black, these retro sunglasses are an eye-catcher, but also in bright colors.

How do you like sunglasses with retro charm?